Hist 657 indians and the state in latin america professor Erick D. Langer

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Grade Distribution

The following portions of the course will be graded and have the following approximate importance:

Class Discussion 30%

Book Reviews (each @ 15%) 45%

Historiographical Essay 25%


January 17


The Problems of Knowledge and Ethnohistory

January 24

The Spanish and Portuguese Conquests

Inga Clendinnen, Ambivalent Conquests

Nathan Wachtel, The Vision of the Vanquished

J. Benedict Warren, The Conquest of Michoacán

John Hemming, Red Gold

Ross Hassig, Mexico and the Spanish Conquest

Tzvetan Todorov, The Conquest of America

Grant Jones, Maya Resistance to Spanish Rule

Miguel León-Portilla, The Broken Spears

Samuel Wilson, Hispaniola

John Hemming, The Conquest of the Incas

R.C. Padden, The Hummingbird and the Hawk

January 31

The Spanish Colonial System

Susan Ramírez, The World Upside Down

Charles Gibson, The Aztecs Under Spanish Rule

Nancy Farriss, Maya Society Under Colonial Rule

Karen Spalding, Huarochirí

Steve J. Stern, Peru’s Indian Peoples and the Challenge of Spanish Conquest

Brooke Larson, Colonialism and Agrarian Transformation in Bolivia

Ann Wightman, Indigenous Migration and Social Change

Karen Powers, Andean Journeys

Grant Jones, The Conquest of the Last Maya Kingdom

Carlos Zanolli, Tierra, encomienda e identidad: Omaguaca (1540-1638)


February 7

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