Hist 122 – American History Survey from 1877

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HIST 122 – American History Survey from 1877
Know these persons, events, and concepts for exam 1:
Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution – Passed by Congress during the Civil War, and ratified by the northern states, this put an end to slavery. Each state that had seceded was required to ratify it before its representatives and senators could return to Congress.
Jim Crow laws – Laws passed by the former slave-holding states in order to deny normal civil rights to African Americans. The laws often created segregated facilities by denying African Americans access to hotels, public transportation, schools, etc. Other laws restricted their ability to vote. The Federal government did little to prevent this. After the Supreme Court (in the Plessy vs. Ferguson case of 1896) ruled that “separate but equal” facilities were allowable under the law, segregation continued for decades.

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