Hist 102: Biography – Charles Manson

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HIST 102: Biography – Charles Manson
Directions: Watch the following documentary on YouTube about Charles Manson. If you miss anything or care to watch it again, it is available on the Links and Games page of the wikispace. Please answer the following questions in complete sentences.

  1. Charles Manson was born on _____________________________________ in __________________, Ohio.

  2. Write down 4 facts that explain his disturbing and troubled childhood

  3. When Manson left jail, what world was he thrown into?

  4. List 2 reasons how Manson attracted followers to his cult: _______________________________

  5. Manson relocated to the city of ____________________________ and became friends with what famous 60’s Rock n’ Roll group: _________________________________

  6. After the family was evicted they moved to a ______________________________________ in the Death Valley desert of Southern California. Manson began to give the members of the family the drug of _______.

  7. Manson played his own music but was also a fan of the ________________, who famous song “Helter _______________” influenced Manson’s world view.

  8. What was Manson’s rationale for the two killings he ordered.

  9. What were the names of three of the Manson family members who partook in the murders

  10. The first murder targeted ________________________________________________(2 people) on the date of ___________________________.

  11. The next night, the family targeted _____________________________________________ (2 people).

  12. Manson was arrested on October ____ on charges of __________________________________.

  13. The trial began in 19___. Write down three absurd events that took place during the trial?

  14. Why didn’t Manson and his members get the death penalty

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