His-132 Maritime Exploration

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His-132 Maritime Exploration


Maritime Exploration

During Exploration Hostile Muslims Controlled trade routes to Asia, so that made it hard for Europeans to trade with them. In the early 15th century Spain, and Portugal tried to find ways around the Muslims, to trade with Asia. So, this brought about the Age of Exploration.

Prince Henry better known as The Navigator brought together experts to teach people to travel the seas to find trade routes with Asia. Henry founded a navigation school that taught how to navigate the sea with out getting lost. Henry and other Portuguese motive first were to find a new trade route to Asia to bypass the powerful and dominant Muslims. Henry also founded a shipyard to build new carvels (ships) so his crew would be safe at sea. Ancient Crusaders called Nights of Christ funded henrys projects for his exploration. Finding a new trade route to Asia was not the only goals of the Portuguese they also wanted to find unknow lands and chart then. They wanted to bring back the information to the school to be analyzed by others at their school of navigation. Henry wished to increase his country’s power and wealth by setting up new lands and valuable trading routes. Henry wanted to spread his faith of Christianity to the new land, so he built a church at his school that held daily services to practice his religion. After Henrys death De Gama set up the route called cape of good hope.

But one consequence of early exploration was slave trade that brought about major wealth for Portuguese.

During Era of Exploration explorers were intrigued with finding new routes and lands to gain wealth, fame, and power for them and their people. Another account I remember from the video was Columbus’s voyage to America. Christopher wanted to prove that going west was better than going east. Christopher’s fellow community thought the voyage was ridiculous, they believed the world was flat and would fall off. But motivations of gaining popularity, power and wealth made him set sail. In 1492-1493 Christopher reached Bahamas island of South-East Florida. When leaving to return home he left a crew behind to stay with the natives. The king and Queen supplied him with supplies to settle his new colony.

Like most explorers their main motives were to find new trade routes, so they could trade silk’s, spices, jewels, and porcelain. The Era of Exploration was in-fact a great name for the 15th and 16th century. All the explorers during this century had motives of making their peoples and their lives better with money, power, and wealth
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