Hiroshima Ch. 1: A noiseless Flash

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Hiroshima Ch. 1: A Noiseless Flash

  1. Bellwork:

    1. Review: Create a sentence for each of the comma rules.

      1. Independent clauses joined by conjunction

      2. Series

      3. Two equally modifying adjectives

      4. Explanatory words or phrases

      5. Interjection

      6. Long, introductory phrases or clauses


      8. Addresses and dates

      9. Sentence interrupters

  2. Connecting: What would you do if suddenly your family and home were destroyed? Where would you go? What might you have to do to stay alive? What would you do if your entire community was wiped out? -100 words

  3. Background on the novel:

    1. Hiroshima was first published in the “New Yorker” magazine.

    2. The story published August 31, 1946 is a nonfiction account of six survivors of the atomic bomb.

    3. New Yorker version = four chapters; The novel version = 5 chapters (the fifth is a follow-up 40 years later)

    4. Author = John Hersey

  4. Hiroshima the city background:

    1. City in southwest Japan that was the site of a military base during World War II

    2. Hiroshima was bombed August 6, 1945

    3. 3/5 of the city was destroyed and 75,000 people were killed

  5. Literary Element: Style = The manor of writing an author uses

  6. Character Chart

Character Before the bomb Ch. 1 end

Reverend Tanimoto

Mrs. Hatsuyo

Dr. Masakazu

Father Wilhelm

Dr. Terufumi

Miss Toshiko


  1. Assignment

    1. Read ch. 1

    2. Fill out character chart

    3. Answer study guide question

Ch. 1 Questions:

  1. When was the book written?

  2. Style is the manner of writing which an author chooses for a particular book. What is Hersey’s style in Hiroshima? Why do you think he chose such a style?

  3. Who was Mr. B? Why do you think we give human names to inanimate objects?

  4. Identify the six survivors discussed in Chapter One. Fill in on the survivor chart descriptions of each before the bomb and experiences in Chapter One (In your notes).

  5. What do you know from this chapter about the situation in Hiroshima before the atomic bomb?

  6. Why is the first chapter entitled “A Noiseless flash”?

  7. Why do you think Hersey tells us how far each survivor was from the center of the explosion?

  8. What do you think Hersey’s viewpoint is on the atomic bomb? Why?

  9. In Chapter One Hersey tells details of the six survivors. What general information is revealed about August 6, 1945?

  10. While Hersey gives us a specific nonfiction account of six survivors, he also allows us as readers to draw generalizations about Hiroshima at each period in August, 1945. What did you learn from chapter 1?

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