Hip hughes-french revolution five causes of the french revolution

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  1. Absolute Monarchy

    1. Louis Bourbon XVI-King of France

      1. Weak leader

    2. Marie Antoinette-Queen of France

      1. Very unpopular-From Austria and rival (enemy) of France

      2. Spent large amounts of money on gowns and jewels.

    1. Very little connection between the people and the government.

    2. The King and Queen were out of touch with the third estate and their needs.

  1. Social Inequality

    1. Estates system-3 Estates

      1. Limited Social Mobility-You were destined to stay in the social class you were born into, very little opportunity to move up in social status. Poor will always be poor and the rich will always be privileged.

  1. Economic Inequality

      1. Clergy-Paid no taxes and had all the benefits. Education, food, good jobs, money Property. Owned 10% of all the land in France but only made up 1% of the total population of France.

      1. Nobles-Paid no taxes and had many benefits. Education, food, good jobs, money Property. Owned 20% of all the land in France but only made up 2% of the total population of France.

      1. Everyone Else-Paid all the taxes. Bourgeois-Middle Class became the driving force of the French Revolution.

  1. The Ideas of the Enlightenment

    1. Logic and reason replace, superstition and religion as means of solving problems.

    2. Science replaces magic and alchemy as means of advancing society

    3. Man learns to think for himself. No longer strictly relies on the word of the pope or the bible as source of knowledge. Man begins to seek his own knowledge.

  1. Other Revolutions

    1. The American Revolution. France provided aid to the Colonists during the American Revolution. They brought the American ideals of equality and justice back to France after the end of the American Revolution.


  1. The Storming of the Bastille

    1. Symbolic show of power by the Third Estate. Bringing down the symbol of Absolutism and the upper two estates.

    2. Looking to get gun guns and gun powder to fuel the revolution.

  1. The Great Fear

    1. Third Estate attacked the houses and lands of the upper two estates.

    2. Looking to frighten the Nobles and Clergy into submission.

    3. Third Estate took old contracts and legal documents binding them to the upper estates, saying they have to pay taxes and other obligations.

  1. Reign of Terror

    1. Radicals gained control of the National Assembly. Maximilien Robespierre is leader of the National Assembly.

    2. He begins to execute people who are identified as not being loyal to the cause. The guillotine is used to decapitate people and their heads were put on stakes and displayed all over Paris as a warning.

    3. Robespierre goes too far and he is overthrown and brought to the guillotine himself.

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