Hints for better Compare and Contrast Writing

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Hints for better Compare and Contrast Writing

  1. Make sure you have a strong thesis that explains what the similarities and differences are in BROAD terms (but not too broad).

  1. Address both a similarity and a difference and mention both areas…use information from both areas. YOU NEED TO DISCUSS BOTH AREAS in each paragraph – you cannot talk about Egypt in one paragraph and Mesopotamia in another. They must be compared and contrasted within each supporting section of your paper.

  1. Create a DIRECT COMPARISON/CONTRAST for each topic sentence of your paragraphs. You should have at least one comparison and one contrast


  1. Both Egypt and Mesopotamia…

  2. Egypt…. Which is also true of Mesopotamia (…)

  3. Egypt….mirroring that of Mesopotamia (…)

CONTRAST examples
a) While Egypt…., Mesopotamia…
b) Egypt…. But in Mesopotamia….
c) Although Egypt…., Mesopotamia/Egypt….while Mesopotamia….

  1. You need at least SIX solid pieces of evidence with detail and specifics…NOT GENERAL IDEAS

  2. You need to explain ANALYSIS – Why are these two ideas similar? Why are they different?

Explain further analysis – why is this important? What did it lead to? How is that important

***** Look at your paper….can you see ways that you could improve?
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940 -> 0708 ap world History – Ch. 5 and 6 Study Guide and Quiz Corrections 16. Explain Zoroastrianism. C
940 -> Unit 1 /2 – 8000 bce – 600 bce, 600 bce – 600 ce Africa
940 -> Period 6: Accelerating Global Change & Realignments, c. 1900 to present Key Concept 1 Science & the Environment
940 -> Write a brief half-page/page comparison of the movie and what the history books say is the movie true to life?
940 -> Ap world History Summer Assignment #1 – Guns, Germs, and Steel I. Reading Assignment
940 -> Political: Rise to Power: Characteristics: Military Bureaucracies Administration Key figure heads
940 -> 1914-the Present imperialism, nationalism, industrialism africa
940 -> Unit 5 africa – 1750-1914
940 -> Spain want to get involved and take colonies as well
940 -> Ap world History Matching Trios Review (Periodic or End-of-Year)

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