Hilandar charter

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The cross of the grand count Stefan, regent lord of all Serbian lands.

1 In Serbian, the word otadžbina means fatherland and dedovina means “grandfatherland”. Though as no such word exists in the English language, I chose to translate both words as “fatherland”

2 Albanians

3 All rivers, except for Ulpiana, that is Lipljan, which is a city in modern-day Kosovo

4 Stefan Nemanja I’s monastic name

5 The original text uses podvizavajući se, which essentially means to put yourself under any effort (therefore not necessarily dietary ascetic practitces).

6 Ephitet for Jesus Christ, also could be translated as bishop

7 Matthew 11:29-30

8 Luke 5:32

9 Vladičica

10 Mother of God in Greek, Bogorodica in Serbian

11 “Augustus ruler“ in Greek

12 Paraphrasing Matthew 13:57

13 The text gets unclear here on who is talking

14 The actual name of the monastery was Chilandarion. Here Stefan is talking about the name of the geographic location

15 The formal name of the monastery – the day in the Christian calendar to which it was devoted to

16 Matthew 22:37

17 Mark 12:31

18 Exodus 20:12

19 Referring again to the name of the monastery

20 Đurđević

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