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Scottish Socialist Party

Higher and further education

In a devolved Scotland the SSP will campaign for:

  • The reinstatement of student grants as a first step towards ending student poverty.

  • Investment in affordable, quality accommodation for students.

  • The abolition of all fees in the higher and further education sectors with the exception of courses which are compulsory for employment and which are fully funded by employers.

  • The unification of all colleges into a co-operative network of institutions working together rather than competing against one another, under local democratic control.

  • Remove the requirement for 50 per cent business sector representation on college boards, and replace this with representatives from teaching unions, ancillary staff, students, local councils and local communities.

  • Encourage life-long learning by providing equal educational opportunities for mature students based on experience and prior learning.

  • An end to the capping system in Further Education to enable colleges to meet demand for learning in the communities they serve, including evening class provision and ESOL classes (English for speakers of foreign languages).

  • Increased provision of adult numeracy and literacy programmes.

In an independent Scotland the SSP will campaign for:

  • Students to be eligible for housing benefit.

  • Employers to be compelled to allow paid time-off for training and life-long learning opportunities.

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