High and Low Culture Elite and Popular Constructions

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The 30th Annual Conference of the Society for the Study of French History. “High and Low Culture – Elite and Popular Constructions”, 3-5 July 2016

University of Chichester – Department of History and Politics, College Lane, Chichester, West Sussex, PO 19 6PE

Contacts: Dr Mark Bryant M.Bryant@chi.ac.uk; Professor Hugo Frey H.Frey@chi.ac.uk; Dr Andrew Smith Andrew.WM. Smith@ucl.ac.uk

Conference administrative contact - Alison Bell – Alison.Bell@chi.ac.uk

(Full panel chairs to follow)

3 July 2016

Registration opens from 13.30.

1. 15.00-16.30

1. A. New Approaches to Emotion and Politics in the French Revolution



University of Kingston

Two Women in Revolution: the Choices of Charlotte Robespierre and Elizabeth Le Bas after Thermidor Year II



University of Portsmouth

High Sentiments and Low Emotions – the Affective Range of Debate in the French Revolutionary Assemblies, 1792/3

Jacob Zobkiw

University of Hull

Serious Business: How to Laugh in the Terror, 1792-1794

1. B. The Cultural and Gender Politics of Performance

Amanda Lee

Washington University in St Louis

Staging Queer Sexuality in Paris: Dance and Popular culture in the Belle Époque

Illyana Karthas

University of Missouri-Columbia

A Nation (Re) Turns to Ballet: Renegotiating Ballet as a High Art in Early Twentieth-Century France

Zakiya Adair

College of New Jersey

La Joie de Paris: Mapping Race, Gender and Nation on the Black Female Body in Popular Performance in Paris, France

1.C. Algeria and the Algerian War of Decolonization



QM London

Looking Back In Anger? The Very Different Resurgence of Memories of Colonial Torture in France and Britain




United Resistance? Christian Intellectuals and Youth Activists against Torture, 1954-62

Xavier Guégan


Writing History in the aftermath of Algeria’s Independence: La Revue d’Histoire et de Civilisation du Maghreb, 1966-1976

Rabah Aissaoui


Memory, History and National Belonging: the Discourse and Actions of the Jeunes Algériens movement in the early twentieth century in Algeria

1. D. New Approaches to French Urban and Industrial History

Rebecca Shtasel


Trade Unionism and Resistance in the Bréguet factory, Le Havre, 1936-1944

Tom Beuamont

Liverpool John Moores

The ‘Moral Economy’ of the Workplace: Anonymous Denunciations and Communist Practice on the Interwar Railway Network

Daniel Gordon

Edge Hill University

A Tale of Two New Towns: Planning, Transport and Social Inequality in Colomiers and Créteil During the Early Fifth Republic

2. 17.30-18.30. Keynote plenary presentation by Professor Sylvie Lindeperg (Paris 1) "La voie des images : traces filmées de la Résistance ».

18.45- 19.45 Drinks reception

4 July 2016

3. 9.15-10.45

3. A. Ancien Régime France

Anaïs Pedron

QM London

From Marie-Jeanne Riccoboni to Olympe de Gouges: the Models of Honest Men and Women



Manchester Met.

Loyalty to Place or Loyalty to Dynasty: Old and New Nobles and the Duchy of Lorraine



Mississippi State

Of Officers and Men: Power Dynamics in the French army of the Old Regime

3. B. Internal Colonialism




The Last French Colony: The Global and the Local in the Languedoc, 1961-1981




Paths to Frenchness: The Return of Alsace to France and the malaise alsacien, 1919-1939

Harry Stopes


The Metropole of Textiles: Regionalism, Nationalism and Capitalist Cosmopolitanism at the Roubaix Exhibition, 1911.

3. C. Boundary Making in Science and Medicine



CNRS Aix-en Provence

A Bottom up Public health strategy: the Sanitarisation of the “filles publiques” in Algiers and Marseille in the 19th century




Law, Science and Technology in Making Vietnamese Rice Wine French, 1890-1920




La fée brune’: Morphine and the French Cultural Imagination, 1870-1910

3. D. Music History

James Arnold

Birkbeck, London

On Bat les Mains en Bâillant’: The Querelle des Bouffons and the Discovery of Boredom

Jean Nicolas De Surmont


Popular Song and its Popular Epithet

Jonathan Smyth

Birkbeck, London

Popular music and verse in the culture of the early Revolution.

4. 11.15-12.45

4. A. Intimacy, Race and Photography before and after the Liberation

Daniel Lee and Sandrine Sanos

Sheffield/Texas A&M

Collaborationists Looking for Love: Personal Ads in La Gerbe under the German Occupation




Through the lens of Jean Dieuzaide: Visualizing the Liberation of Toulouse

Johannes Heuman


Antiracism and Zionism after the Liberation of France

4. B. French Gastronomy

Debra Kelly


Cultural Hierarchies and the Practices and Challenges of French Gastronomy

Ruth Cruickshank

Royal Holloway London

Questioning French Gastronomic Highs and Lows in a Changing Global Marketplace: Michel Houellebecq’s La Carte et le territoire (2010)




Wine and Cultural Hierarchies : A Transnational Story?

4.C. Intellectual and Political Elites in Medieval History

Christian Bratu


Redefining Authorship and High Culture in French Medieval History- Writing

Samuel Pollack

Christ Church, Oxford

Les larrons en foire s’entretenoyent: Criminality amongst the Officers of the Parlement of Toulouse, ca. 1490-1550

Erika Graham-Goering

University of York

Recollections of Service and Joint rule in fourteenth-century Brittany

4. D. Exiles and Protest in C18 and C19



The New School

The Colisée and the Exiles: Oppositional Representation during the Crisis of 1771-1772




The Orléans in Exile: Between Luxury and Liberalism 1848-70

Noelle Plack

Newman University

The Politics of Consumption in Napoleonic France: Popular protest against the Droits Réunis

4. E. Scientific Imaginations and Historicisms

Chris Manias

King’s College London

Constructing Lost Worlds: The Public Discussion of Palaeontological Knowledge in France, 1850-1900.

Jessica Wardhaugh


Frenchmen into Peasants: National and Popular Culture in the Third republic.

Stewart McCain

St Mary’s Twickenham

Celtic Remnants and Civilizing Missions: Elites and Popular Culture in the Work of the Académie Celtique 1804-1813

Elizabeth Macknight


Cultural Property, Nobility, and the Heritage Industry in France

Lunch__13.15-14.15_Working_Lunch_and_the_AGM_for_Society_for_the_Study_of_French_History__5._14.15_-_15.15'>12.45-13.15 Lunch

13.15-14.15 Working Lunch and the AGM for Society for the Study of French History

5. 14.15 - 15.15 Plenary: Professor Richard Golsan (Texas A&M)

Professor James B. Collins (Georgetown University, Washington)

6. 15.30 -17.00

6. A. C20: Intellectuals and Rights

Dan Callwood

QM London

The role of pornographic film in France’s gay liberation ‘moment’ 1968-82

Marine Orain

Birkbeck, London

French Intellectuals and New Media: the Democratization ofengagement

Merve Fejzula


A Cultural Bandung: The First International Conference of Black Writers and Artists in Paris, 1956

6. B. The Second World War and its Legacies

Alexandra Natoli

University of Virginia

Friends in ‘low’ places: Rethinking scatological space in Robert Antelme’s Buchenwald

Audrey Mallet


"Official" vs popular memory - Remembering Vichy in Vichy

Mason Norton

Edge Hill University

Aristocracy, Auxiliaries & Subalterns: Roles in Resistance

6. C. New Perspectives on Louis XIV

Greg Monohan

Eastern Oregon

What the King Knew and When He Knew It: Louis XIV in the Late Reign

Mark Bryant


Visions and Phantoms: The Quietist and Jansenist Crises in Louis XIV's France, 1685-1715"

Dr Philip Mansel

The Society for Court Studies

Louis XIV: Global Monarch

6. D. Visual Culture and Ephemera



Indiana University - Bloomington

Poster Art, Fundraising, and Public Opinion in France and the US, 1915-1920




Chocolate, Children, and Health: Unwrapping the Doctors Image on Fin-de-Siècle Trade Cards



Birkbeck London

The Merci Train: Popular Culture in the Postwar period, 1947-

7. Plenary .17.00-1815. Benoît Peeters, « De Hergé à Derrida : les aventures d’un biographe ».

18.30 Drinks and Conference Dinner including ‘after dinner’ address by Professor Robert Gildea (Oxford)

Day 3. 5th July

8. 9.00-11.00 Plenary on Cultural Histories:

Professor Margaret Atack (Leeds) Mode Rétro and Popular Success

Professor Máire Cross (Newcastle) Ode to Flora Tristan: Workers use of Song for Political Propaganda

Professor Denis Mellier (Poitiers) La littérature policière : stratégie critique et matériau générique.

Dr Matt Perry (Newcastle) The Odessa Waltz: the songs of the Black Sea Mutinies of 1919

9. 11.30-13.15

9. A. Commerce and Industrial Life

Christina De Bellaigue


Terminez à loisir votre beau voyage”: cultural life and generational conflict in the families of the industrial elite (Roubaix 1830-1914)

Fiona Ffoulkes


What do fashion merchants’ bankruptcy records tell us about attitudes to luxury and the consumption of different social groups in nineteenth century Paris?

David Hopkin

Hertford College Oxford

The Normandy Lacemaker: Contrasting Visions of Domesticity, Labour and Femininity

9. B. Selected Micro and Cultural Histories

William Pooley


Counting Witches 1789-1940

Russell Stephens

UBC Vancouver

Quels sont les plus Chinois? Or, the great “debate” between the Caricaturists - Honoré Daumier and Cham

Geoff Levett


The Chequered History of a Parisian Monument: Remembering Frantz Reichel, Athlete and Journalist

9. C. French Revolutionary Challenges

Louis Seaward


Revolution and Reaction : The French Revolution in Savoy 1789 - 1792

Linda Frey and Marsha Frey

University of Montana
Kansas State University

A ‘New Diplomatic Code’: The French Revolutionary Challenge

Howard Brown

Binghamton SUNY

Individuals in Formation: The Psychology of Revolutionary and Napoleonic Warfare.

9. D. Modern Political History

Charlotte Faucher

QM London

Cultural diplomats? French women and the diplomatic services in twentieth-century Britain

Gregg Burgess

Birkbeck London

The Repatriation of Soviet Prisoners of War from France at the end of the Second World War.

Gino Raymond


Low Culture and High politics: Presidential Passions in France

9. E. The Secret War Network/ New Heritage Group

Martyn Cox

Independent Scholar

Presentation of the Project, including history of the Resistance in Sussex

Martyn Bell

Independent Scholar

Presentation of the Project


14.00-15.00. Round table.

“French history in a time of crisis”, Round table and Discussion. Chair. Professor Hugo Frey. (Speakers to be announced).

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