Here is a part of my schema that causes difficulties

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I have created a XML schema and a sample XML document. According to XMLSpy 4.4 the document seems to be valid and XML schema compliant to the W3C Specification.
All other Tools (Topologi Schematron and Markup Editor, XML Schema Validator from Microsoft) that I used for validation reply that my schema is not deterministic. They report that there are multiple definitions of some element that cause content model to be ambiguous.
I woud like to know, whether I make mistakes in schema definition and XMLSpy doesn't notice them, or these are bugs of the other tools.
Here is a part of my schema that causes difficulties:



Explanation to the rejection of the Templates


Nill Golding.
Directory: Archives -> Public
Archives -> Black Tuesday: October 29, 1929. The day the stock market crashed. Everyone started to panic because they realized they were losing money. Black Tuesday is one of the big things that led to the Great Depression. Buy on margin
Archives -> Course Form (revised 8-2009)
Archives -> American Federal Government Fall 2014Semester
Archives -> Nov. 3, 2010 The Digest
Archives -> Moments in History: Immigration Original Format
Archives -> History of Bioterrorism By Sarah Schisla
Archives -> The significance of the frontier in american history 1 By Frederick Jackson Turner, University of Wisconsin Address delivered at Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893
Archives -> Winterbourne Parish Records – 1750 to 1799 Copy of Register No Gloucestershire (To wit)
Archives -> Winterbourne St Michael Parish Records 1820 – 1829 Baptisms & Burials
Public -> Schema Binding Proposal

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