Heraldry Creative Assignment

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Heraldry Creative Assignment; Arts 2001, Colebeck: Sketch due___ Final Due___ Name__________

Historical-Background: Heraldry is a very old visual language that was originally used to identify warriors. Knights in armor looked alike so each chose a symbol and color to identify/distinguish himself. These identifications were first used on his shield then on the surcoat over his armor, thus the origin of the phrase, “coat of arms”. Arms were granted to individuals not to families, so if you want one you need to design one yourself. The special language of heraldry is called blazonry. To blazon a coat of arms is to describe the symbols and colors upon it in a precise sequence so that it can be read and understood.

***This assignment is a variation/take off from Heraldry and Blazonry. It combines visual design and writing to depict “who you are”. You will create a shield, a written description of your creation, a critique and an evaluation . The assignment incorporates practical application of material covered in the course, similar to a “lab”. You will be involved in the creative process; application & evaluation of the elements and principles of art; and analysis/critique of the work you create.

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