Hen committee Structure 2010-2011 Committees

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HEN Committee Structure


  1. Leadership (Elected)

  2. Member Communication (Appointed)

  3. Education (Appointed)

  4. Policy (Appointed)

  5. Friends of HEN (Appointed)

Leadership Committee

Chair – Chris Wharton

Chair-Elect – Alison Harmon

Past Chair – Kelly Horton

Secretary – Erin Bergquist
Treasurer – Lynn Mader

Nominations and Awards Committee Nominating – Leigh Ann Edwards and Andrea Rouge

Member Recognition –Jessica Garay and Katherine Andrew

  • Forbord Scholarship: Mary Jo Forbord

  • Putz Scholarship: Barbara Hartman

Historian (Ex Officio Member) – Barbara Hartman

Contributors: John A. Krakowski, Lynn Mader, Angie Tagtow, Allison LaClaire

House of Delegates Rep – Angie Tagtow

Member Communication Committee

Chair –Sarah Eichberger

Marketing/E-zine – Kristen Rasmussen

Website –Janice Gibbons; Jennifer Lyons

Listserv/Member Directory – Alexa George

New Members – Michelle Voelker

Student Members – Lexi MacMillan; Amanda Russell

FNCE Showcase (ad hoc) – TBD as draws near

External Partner Relations

Co-chairs – Melinda Hemmelgarn and Paula Brewer
Education Committee

Chair (CPU coverage) – Tara Hatala

JHEN – Angie Tagtow

Newsletter – Jeanmaire Hryshko and Meg Bruening

HEN Ambassador Program (Speaker’s Bureau – opportunities/application) –Lisa Dierks

School-to-Farm –Diana Dyer (to manage farm list), Lexi MacMillan, Mary Jo Forbord
Task Forces (as of 5/10) –

  • Sustainable Health Care Systems – Stacia Clinton

  • Connecting Hunger and Sustainable Agriculture Task Force – Caroline Webber, Teri Underwood, Chris McCullum

  • Organic Talking Points Revision –Need someone (Chris McCullum-Gomez, Angie Tagtow)

  • Film Festival – Melinda Hemmelgarn and Barbara Hartman

  • Sustainable Ag educator’s resource – Alison Harmon

  • GMO Task Force – To be developed (Erin Bergquist; Melinda Hemmelgarn)

Public Policy Committee

Chair Jennifer Noll Folliard


Lexi MacMillan

Geri Henchy

Nancy Becker

Fern Gale Estrow

Karen Ehrens

Paula Martin

Rebecca Liebes

Ashley Colpart

Annie Rojas

Judith Stadler

Jessica Avasthi

Other people to consider getting involved/finding a role:

  • **Heather Bukowy: another role instead of int’l journal deal

  • Robin Neal (Food Bank of Central NY): something small

  • Gail Moe (former newsletter chair and once thought of as a future chair-elect): send generic email (perhaps CPU’s)

  • Kelly Moltzen

  • Julie Negrin

  • Rebecca Liebes (had run for treasurer)

  • Tammy Vitale

  • Helen Costello

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