Hemes: action, drama

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Charles Henderson was born on August 26, 1948 in Artesia, New Mexico. He graduated Artesia High School. He Retired from the United States Marine Corps, July 1, 1993 as a Chief Warrant Officer with 23 years and two months of active duty service. Combat duty includes Vietnam and Lebanon. Decorations include Combat Action Ribbon and Meritorious Service Medal. Today, resides at Peyton, Colorado, near Colorado Springs, writing books, and breeding, raising and developing registered American Quarter Horses for professional rodeo and futurity competition.

Author of: Marine Sniper, Marshalling the Faithful, Silent Warrior, Goodnight Saigon, Jungle Rules.

The book starts off telling about the childhood of a young boy named Carlos Hathcock II growing up in Arkansas. His knowledge of the forest helps him hunt in the backwoods to get small game to feed him and his mother. When he is older, he joins the marine corps and joins the sniper program. He accelerates in becoming an excellent marksman. He wins national shooting competitions and becomes one of the marines top marksmen. He is then sent to Vietnam when he is 21 and his life begins to change. He becomes a warrior in the jungle, with more then 15 confirmed kills his first year. The viet cong begin to hunt for him and put a bounty on him to kill him. In his second year he is put in charge of his own sniper squad. This no moral group becomes difficult to handle and with the war going into its worst years, Carlos fights to control his men and to stay alive.

themes: action, drama

Non-fiction, biography

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