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Women’s & Children’s Hospital

Helpful Websites and Apps for Young People

Helpful Websites:

Australian Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health:
World-class trauma-related research, policy advice, service development and education. The centre's services help organisations and health professionals who work with people affected by traumatic events.

Australian Child & Adolescent Trauma, Loss & Grief Network:
Resources and information for anyone involved in the care of children and youth and interested in the potential impact of trauma, loss and grief experiences.

Australian Psychology Society -

Provides consumers and professionals with information about e-health online programs for mental health and physical health disorders. Websites throughout the world are reviewed and ranked by a panel of health experts and by consumers.

A national organisation which aims to reduce the prevalence of anxiety and depression in Australia and the stigma surrounding the issues.

Black Dog Institute:
Expert information on depression and bipolar disorder for the public and professionals, including information on getting help for mood disorders and suggestions on ways of staying well.

An online support group for people affected by depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders. It aims to reduce stigma, and to provide support, hope and opportunities for sharing successful coping strategies. The group is run as a moderated bulletin board with strict protocols to protect safety and privacy.

A self-help interactive program with modules for depression, generalised anxiety and worry, social anxiety, relationship breakdown, and loss and grief. It provides self-help interventions drawn from cognitive, behavioural and interpersonal therapies as well as relaxation and physical activity.

Information, support and advice for young people 12-25, and their families, on general health; mental health and wellbeing; alcohol and other drugs; education, employment and other services. Centres around Australia provide with access to youth-friendly health professionals.

An Australian mental health and wellbeing initiative set in primary schools and early childhood services.

Living Is For Everyone:
A world-class suicide and self-harm prevention resource, dedicated to providing the best available evidence and resources. The LIFE website is designed for people across the community who are involved in suicide and self-harm prevention activities.

Mental Health Council of Australia:
The Mental Health Council of Australia is an independent, non-government body that represents and promotes the interests of the mental health sector and advises on mental health in Australia.

Information about anxiety disorders, free automated psychological assessment and self-help treatment programs, plus low-cost therapist-assisted programs over 12 weeks.

National initiative to provide information and resources to help the media and entertainment industries report on suicide, mental health and mental illness.

MindHealthConnect features mental health resources, information and online programs provided by a range of organisations, including a guided search tool which helps users to navigate their way to appropriate support.
A popular interactive program which incorporates cognitive-behaviour therapy for depression. MoodGYM has been extensively researched and its effectiveness has been demonstrated in randomised controlled trials.

Reach Out:
A national online youth suicide prevention program, featuring information and resources.

Reach Out Pro:
ReachOut Pro provides information about mental health, as well as access and advice for professionals on a range of online interventions, tools and resources that can be used to enhance the effectiveness of psychosocial support and mental health care provided to young people.

SANE Australia: 
A national charity helping people affected by mental illness and fighting stigma through campaigning, education and research.


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Smart Phone Apps

  • The Check it App

  • FocusUp Pro

  • Appreciate a mate

  • NovoPsych App

  • The Therapy Outcome Management System

  • Recharge—Sleep Well, Be Well

  • Headspace

  • Thought Diary Pro

  • MindShift

  • My Mood Tracker

  • Belly Bio

  • eCBT Calm

  • Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

  • DBT Diary Card and Skills Coach

  • Optimism

  • My New Head

  • Mindfulness Bell

  • Mood Sentry

  • Headspace

  • TalkLife

  • Cognitive Diary CBT

  • iCBT

  • The Sorter (

  • WorkOut (

  • SMS Tips (


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