Help needed on Saturday 13th November to move a delivery of 30 paving slabs and some railings across the lock. Need to be there at 30am when the delivery is scheduled

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Apologies if you’ve been checking emails or the doormat, waiting for this edition but, somehow, I lost a good chunk of it, mainly past events and have had to

find people who could remember what happened, not an easy task!!
There comes a point in your life when you realize:

Who matters, who never did, who won't anymore... And who always will.

So, don't worry about people from your past,

There's a reason why they didn't make it to your future.
Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right, and the other is a husband. 

There's now table tennis on a Friday night so, if it’s a long time since your ping has been ponged ....


Help needed on Saturday 13th November to move a delivery of 30 paving slabs and some railings across the lock. Need to be there at 8.30am when the delivery is scheduled.

Despite requests in previous newsletters, there still aren’t enough people on the bar rota to share opening/closing etc so I do hope that loads of you have responded positively to Frank’s letter asking for support.

A job shared is a job halved and all that .......

Then everyone can enjoy themselves.

Bar staff also still needed for private functions. Jackie Budd’s the person to call,

Just in case you didn’t receive the EA’s Order 2010 sent out by David Sowter - probably won’t if not on email - the following is an excerpt. Please ‘phone a friend’ with email if you want the rest.

All boats kept on the river must be registered

If you keep your boat on the River Thames, you will now need to register it and pay the full annual charge, even if you do not use it.

This requirement extends to every part of the River Thames including backwaters and marinas.

We will offer an introductory period until 1 April 2011 to give you the opportunity to register your boat or remove it from river before we take enforcement action.

However, we will take immediate enforcement action if you use an unregistered boat at any time.

Third party insurance for powered boats

You will need to show you have third party insurance for a powered boat.

This insurance will need to be for at least one million pounds.

When you apply to register for 2011, we will be asking you to provide us with the name of your insurer, your policy number and expiry date.


Unfortunately, this clashed with Eileen’s birthday party on the Sunday so only three boats were flying the WMC burgee, Elsidore, Georgia and Third Dragoon but I understand a good time was had by all at London River on the Saturday evening.


I’m sure all Mariners who were there will want me to say a BIG to ‘Delboy’ for such a wonderful afternoon. First we were served with fish of (virtually) every description which was followed by a ‘crooner’ to entertain us. Derek, you really are something special which leads nicely into telling those of you who, like me, didn’t know that he was presented earlier this year with a special award on behalf of HRH the Duke of Kent, Worshipful Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England - hope that’s right or I’ll end up in the stocks! - in recognition of loyal, selfless and distinguished service for charity. It’s only been given to eleven people in the past twenty-seven years. Well done, Derek.


Well, the Three Musketeers, Bob, Brian and Frank certainly did us proud. Prawn cocktail followed by melt in the mouth chicken breast with a wonderful sauce - recipe please, or where you bought it! - a choice of two desserts (both ‘quality-tested’ by yours truly) and coffee with mints to round it off. All served by our Commodore, Keith Davies, Gordon English, Roger Francis and Jim Hillier, while Peter Lawrence and >>> manned bar - sincere apologies if I’ve missed anyone but this is one of the bits of the Newsletter which went missing ............

When we’d recovered, we danced the rest of the night away, led by Chrissie Drummie’s bevy of beauties, to music supplied by Russell and Mark Doig. Only thing missing was “I Will Survive”, mandatory at any ladies’ get-together but I’m sure Russell will have it next year; also perhaps “Big Girls Are Beautiful”!!!!


Some 30 members enjoyed a sausage and burger BBQ, cooked by Peter Lawrence and served with all the trimmings. Dancing and drinking were to the ‘sound of music’ played by our own DJ, Russell Doig. Thanks guys.


I so hate missing this event but we were in Dorset for a niece’s 50th; frightening when the kids are having birthdays we thought we celebrated only a couple of years’ ago ............

However, my scouts have reported that it was up to the usual standard, with an excellent turnout of 21 boats, whose crews paid their respects to our Commodore and his lady in brilliant sunshine, to the haunting strains of Stan Hebborn’s bagpipes; what a moving occasion this always is.

Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a buffet meal, again prepared by Sheila, and Danny was presented with (more) whisky and a gift voucher as tokens of our appreciation for his time as Commodore.


I’m running out of adjectives to describe our functions but, after worries this wouldn’t be well-attended due to some members not wanting to stay ‘at home’, the clubhouse was packed to the gunwales - don’t bother, I’ve checked the spelling! - and after a three-course meal nearly 100 people, including our friends from Chertsey Cruising Club, danced to music provided by ‘Loud Shirts’ duo. We were happy also to have Len Outtrim’s grand-daughters, Helen and Ann there, together with Terry Tappin’s daughter, Sharon, as guests of the Club.

This was the first big function with our lovely new dance floor - talk about the Palais Glide - and Michael Phillips was thanked for kindly financing it in memory of his wife Barbara.
THE WMC BURGEE GOES NORTH thanks to Jim Pothecary
For this year’s boating adventure Sylvia and I decided to make Coventry Basin on the Coventry Canal our target. We had visited the basin - a major 19th and early 20th century inland port on the midland canals - around 25 years ago when all was derelict and wanted to see for ourselves the improvements made over the years; many decried by the puritans of the canals. When we visited (not in Myownie but a smaller cruiser) those many years ago we had to boat over the prams, motorbikes, shopping trolleys and mattresses in the ditch to reach a rather drab and uninviting terminus with its derelict canal offices and warehouses.
We left Sunbury late in July with our 14-year-old grandson aboard, straight through Teddington lock to catch the navigable window at the entrance lock of the Grand Union Canal at Brentford; with an overnight stop in Brentford Basin. The following day was to be strenuous with 10 locks, six of them in the Hanwell flight, to get to the 28-mile pound at Hayes and Southall – that’s why we invited our grandson along, though not completely letting on what he would have to do. Fortunately he relished the challenge but when on the long pound with nothing to do – no Game Boy here – he became bored. Another night and he wanted to be home with his computer; ah, well, teenagers of today.
This is not a blow-by-blow, lock-by-lock report but a brief essence of the travels of the WMC burgee. The first port of call with burgee flying was Paddington Basin on the Paddington Arm of the GU and alongside Paddington Station. From here the West End is easily accessible, so Sylvia made the most of the Oxford Street Shopping experience and coffee in Selfridges ‘posh’ restaurant. And I suffered empty wallet syndrome.
After two nights in the clean and secure basin, surrounded by high-rise offices and the Queen Mary Hospital, we returned to Bulls Bridge and the GU main line. We continued our journey north, which took us through Uxbridge, Rickmanworth, Watford and Berkhamstead to Marsworth Junction (near Tring); this after a week away and all through “linear countryside” with only an occasional incursion by built-up areas. Then to Apsley, where we had to leave Myownie for the night to return home for an unexpected family funeral.
Returning and onwards we passed through Leighton Buzzard, Bletchly and Milton Keynes (here, with a couple of hours boating through suburbia) until again reaching open countryside. After another week we reached Stoke Bruerne (near Northampton). I think by then we had visited and eaten in too many pubs. My goal was to rely on working the locks to lose weight, which had clearly failed: another, wider, notch in my trousers belt. Stoke Bruerne is a tourist hot spot on the canals with its canal museum, pubs and working scene with many boat movements. Here also is the entrance to the 3,057-yard Blisworth Tunnel closely followed two days later by the 2,042-yards long Braunston tunnel.

Braunston is a major junction on the Grand Union Canal where it meets the Southern Oxford Canal going south and the Northern Oxford Canal, which we used to head north to Hawkesbury Junction, where the Oxford meets the Coventry Canal. Here we turned left (that’s port for the seafarers) to enter Coventry Basin after 2 weeks and 5 days of travel. The WMC burgee had made it! The basin was clean and secure; a vast difference from our previous visit. From here it was back down to Braunston to join the Oxford Canal then the Thames and home after 5 weeks and 5 days, 180 locks and 338 miles.

More like this please ............


This function is filling up fast, specially as we’ve amalgamated with Chertsey Cruising Club who are very enthusiastic, so better contact Sheila pdq if your names aren’t down.

6.00 for 6.30pm.

Menu will be duck and port pate; steak, onion and mushroom pie; dessert; coffee and mints.

Music will be provided by “Back Beat” who were such a success at our Summer Ball. £15.


You should by now have received the Statutory Notice for this Meeting with :

  1. A list of retiring Officers and Committee Members willing to be re-elected.

  2. A Nomination Form to propose Officers and Committee Members for election.

If you haven’t, please contact Lesley Beard, Club Secretary


Heather and Doreen are organising this one, starting at 7.00 pm,

to raise money for the club coffers.

There’ll be stalls selling a variety of Christmassy things, floral arrangements (on sale and to order), jewellery, handbags, skin care, candle, cards, books for children ......

The bar will be open as usual and will have mulled wine and mince pies. Come along and bring your friends

- you could even have a stall, only £10, if you’ve got something to sell.

Alternatively, if you’ve any Christmassy items going spare,

Jenny Carthew would appreciate them to swell the number of prizes on the Tombola stall she’s running.

Booze, chocs, mince pies etc would all be welcomed so, if you’ve got anything to donate,

please contact Jenny

who knows, maybe you’ll win them back!!


Our old favourite, Paul Knight will be playing the music.

Bring your own nibbles/food - not drink - there’ll be no charge.




For those who. like me, thought they would have to put on their running shoes,

this is a ‘run’ out for your boats. Details next month.


No details yet but make sure it’s in your diary.


Fancy dress optional, any period. More details nearer the date.


Flier from ATYC …….

The Crown Plaza Hotel, Marlow

Dress code: Black tie OR Club blazers/ties.

Ticket price: only £29.50

This includes an excellent three course dinner with coffee (children 10-16 £15.00)

Dancing to the Panama dance band.

Trophies will be presented, so get a club table or two together to celebrate

the coming 2011 season with other Thames Clubs.

B & B available at £99 for two.



There’s something in this newsletter which I don’t think we’ve had before and should never be left off again. Hope you’ve noticed what it is?

Let me know ............



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