Hello Satanic Tyrant Werwolf! How’s life?

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This interview is old and according to our interviewee the questions were bad. So no proper information value here, but maybe the hilarity of it still does the trick. Enjoy! -Lind
Hello Satanic Tyrant Werwolf! How’s life?

– Life is an endless struggle. Strife to unchain your spirit to let it ascend and become one with the abyss, with no distraction from the foolishness of modern world, its temptations and corruptive morals. Yet life is the course we must take in order to once rise or fall in the memories of those who come after us and this once great world, thus a path of great gratification.

You have a new SW album coming out on No Colours Records in summer and people seem to have quite big expectations on that one. Tell me something about the upcoming album. Who is going to release your albums after this “Carelian Satanist Madness”?

– The new album, “Carelian Satanist Madness” in my eyes is one of the greatest and most intense recordings I’ve ever made. It was recorded in March and April of 2005 on an analogue 4-track tape recorder with the noble assistance of my session members T.H. (guitar) and Vholm (drums). I had also the honour to feature a lyrical contribution from Commando Wolf of the Hellenic tyrants DER STURMER. As you might have realized, Torech is not anymore a part of SATANIC WARMASTER. There has been some speculation if my art would regress back to the stage of the 1st SATANIC WARMASTER demotape because of his absence, but I am sure it will be clear after listening the album if it’s true or not, the new album being completely composed by myself. The whole lyrical concept of the album is based on the shadow soul of Europa on a very extensive scale, from the darkest folklore into more recent historical themes, yet in a very clear context to the essence of Satan’s name written between the lines of history and myths.

All future SATANIC WARMASTER releases will be released by my own label, WEREWOLF RECORDS. This gives me total control and freedom over my work, with no necessity for the involvement of external parties.
Why did Torech leave SW? Opinions on Torech's own band Torturium?

– It was impossible to continue working with him because of his mentality which corrupted the whole essence of my creation, and would have caused a downfall of SATANIC WARMASTER in the long run as well. I have no comments on TORTURIUM whatsoever.

As I mentioned above, it seems like people are waiting you’re new album more eagerly than they would wait for a new Darkthrone album. What do you think are the reasons for this? Do you enjoy being quite a celebrated and admired person inside the current scene?

– This is a normal internet forum illusion, which I should not even need to comment about, it being just as illusive as if it would be by someone taping a video with him telling I would be the king of this planet and broadcasting it to you on TV as the truth (and you swallowing it gladly like a secretion from a male organ). Being in good terms with people does not mean I am a celebrity or an admired person in general. I would consider myself to be a subject for envy, confusion and frustration for spectators of the “game” not consisting of like-minded strong individuals, but spectators, people having the need to simplify and categorize things beyond categorization, self-deceptive minds, washed-out losers in it only for nostalgic musical memories, whiny music fan bitches, humanists, niggerlovers and other scum, who are the many in this time and day.

Finnish scene over all is very hot at the moment, any opinions why? Do we really have so decent bands here or is there some kind of fashion or mass hypnosis in the air that makes people like Finnish bands? What are the best bands emerging from Finland in your opinion?

– Finland is a desolate country, with not so many distractions of the western world, yet being a prosperous enough country to give its children good possibilities to improve themselves. The mentality among the best Finnish bands is very determined and purposeful, which cannot be said about many others. Of course we have many opportunists and losers appearing now with their bands, just to ride the “wave” of Finnish Black Metal, to get their 15 minutes of fame, but those will be ignored as usual, and they will be forgotten. The best bands from Finland nowadays for me are WARLOGHE, CLANDESTINE BLAZE, BEHEXEN, HORNA, BAPTISM, ALTTARI, GOATMOON, HAMMER (LPR), KADOTUS, BLACK BLOOD, BLOODHAMMER, HELWETTI, DIABOLI, SARGEIST, MUSTA SURMA, NOENUM, DEAD REPTILE SHRINE, VORNAT and maybe some others. Bands such as BEHERIT (godz), (very early) IMPALED NAZARENE, BLACK CRUCIFIXION, MEHAZAER, ARCHGOAT and SATANIC EVIL from the early 90’s should be mentioned too, being the first ones to appear on our soil, and being some of the greatest bands of all time. Also in the mid/late 90’s there was a wave of some really killer Nordic Black Metal bands such as WANDERER, WINTERMOON, THY SERPENT (who turned into total shit after their 1st album), NIDHOGGR, AZAZEL (1st demo only!) and some others, who are unfortunately forgotten by most people now.

I’ve noticed that you’ve been quite upset about these humorous “blackmetal” bands like Blackthrone. (I personally don’t give a flying fuck if somebody likes to make fun of blackmetals image etc, because those jokebands are not capable to make fun of anything truly sacred.) Why do you spend your hate for a joke? Do you take it personally or do you consider those jokebands as a threat to blackmetal? (I’d be more worried about the fact that some of these jokebands have even better musical skills and ideas than a major part of today’s real blackmetal bands)

– Maybe you don’t really give a fuck about Black Metal at all, and that’s why you don’t care about such acts of idiocy either? Such bands are starting to get signed by labels run by who knows what kind of subhumans, is this the way you want to go by accepting a joke as a part of something that is supposed to have a bit more sophisticated sense of irony than shit like “Satan lives in Norway”? There are bands started as a joke in the scene already, which miraculously enough change into “serious” bands once a greedy label decides to release their first computer recording on a compact disk limited to 1000 copies. If that’s not something that rots the whole essence of the music from inside, then what is? (I think this humorous music is not capable to neither rot nor even scratch anything truly worthy. -Lind) I do not hate those bands, it’s irritation and frustration for people who accept it, bands like such would have been kept away with much less than hate. I’d be worried about your motives if musical skill has ever been to you an important standard in this kind of music whatsoever.

You don’t need to be worried about my motives really, but I think that people, who deal with Satan’s music, should reach as high as possible in every sense. When having good musical skills, you don’t have to concentrate on the tool of creation so it’s more natural to concentrate on the vision itself. And I am not talking about musical masturbation, if you know what I mean. So do you consider black metal in itself as something to live, fight and die for?

– Musical skills develop when your creation pushes it towards improvement, thus making the emphasizing the (technical) musical skill itself useless. All things dear to man are what he fights for.

You’ve started to run your own label called “Werewolf records”. What are the reasons for this action? Did you have too much of spare time? What are the reasons for you to sign a band?

– I started the label with the thought of releasing SATANIC WARMASTER albums in the future through WEREWOLF REX, as well as releasing albums of f.ex. local bands that would not get the deserved chance of getting heard otherwise. Unlike other people, I have no problems with free time. I spend all my time on things I really want to do. I sign bands based on my impression on their honesty, musical talent (not skill) and ideology.

You’ve released albums from Black Blood, Goatmoon and Dead Reptile Shrine. Introduce these bands shortly and tell me why you signed these bands. Future releases?

– GOATMOON: Goatmoon is a fairly young one-man band from Lappeenranta, started in 2002 (from the ruins of the guy’s previous project which started in 1999). The musical style is somewhat comparable to early BURZUM or MOONBLOOD, with lyrical concepts concentrating on devil worship, Nazism and total hate. Up to this date GOATMOON has done several very limited demo tapes and the debut album on WEREWOLF RECORDS called “Death Before Dishonour”, which is soon sold out on CD, and is to be released on a very limited vinyl version in the future. I signed GOATMOON only for the reason that the guy behind the band has proved his loyalty to our cause in the course of almost 10 years, growing up to be a respectable Black Metal warrior.

BLACK BLOOD: An obscure Black Metal band from Laitila, Finland. Musically very distant, sinister and with a morbid groove. Their debut album “Cryptic Rituals” is still available from WEREWOLF REX. I signed BLACK BLOOD because of the great qualities their music possesses.
DEAD REPTILE SHRINE: Possibly one of the most controversial projects from the Finnish soil, far away from the typical “Black Metal” sound, yet having a clear Black Metal background. Like the band stated about their debut album, “A Journey through the Darkest of Forests”: “You do not classify this stuff by instrumentation, composition or sound, simply because it is NOT musik. And it's not a matter of whether or not you like this; it's a matter of whether you are able to handle it. If you are able to, you will probably cast it aside as "unlistenable" musik. The blessed chosen ones whose 1st attention has been weakened enough so as not being able to handle it, will be thrown out towards the event horizon of self-consciousness and control, and cannot help but succumb to the pure energy that flows from this aural experience. It will force you to meet Infinity in all its beauty and terror.” …I can assure you this is not bullshit. The first cd of DRS is still available. I signed the band based on years of comradeship and respect.
Upcoming releases:
SATANS SIGN OF WAR (ger) CD (should be out when this interview is released)

WODULF (gre) “Wargus Esto” CD

SATANIC WARMASTER (fin) “Gas Chamber / B.M.K.” CD


FOREST (rus) “Forest” DLP

MYRKR (swe) “tba” 7”

Where do you get your living from? Do you think it’s important to have a real job instead of just laying home unemployed like a parasite in this society?

– I get my living from my life’s work. It’s not much, I can barely survive, but that is my mission and what I must do. Employment issues at this time are unimportant, when work in general has lost it’s meaning to the modern man. It’s about career, success and useless shit like that. Which one do you think would be better, to have a social security which also covers unemployment, or to have nothing? The whole system wasn’t created thinking about the leeches, so why should you think about it now either, when it doesn’t matter anyway. You’d pay the same taxes anyway.

So do you pay taxes of your business?

– 0116484-0 (A very tasteless question, by the way.)

Fuck with good taste, by the way. You stated somewhere that your music “reflects the shadow side of the European soul and blood cult religious devotion” or something like that. Can you define what you mean with “shadow side of the European soul” and “Blood cult religious devotion”?

– The shadow side of the European soul is the underlying dark essence of the European nations, the destructive (thus initially creative) force that has driven the achievements of European blood to great heights in the course of history in war, conquest, magick, philosophy and in other fields as well. The blood cult is the cult of the indo-Aryan blood, where there essence of Satan was culminated in the ancient times. Devotion to the cult is the key to hear the voice of our blood, the command for honour, strife and supremacy.

Do you consider for example Gogol, Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky as a part of collective European soul? (They’re Russian humanitarians after all) Eastern blackmetal is quite popular nowadays too. What’s your opinion on these topics?

– Such writers are only important for humanist literature lovers. For me they have no meaning whatsoever. There is a great uproar in the Russian lands with a radical Black Metal hammer striking harder than ever, with many bands I respect to a high degree.

Do you read a lot and what kind of literature? Do you consider education in general to be important after all or do you prefer to sophisticate yourself independently?

– I have been quite passive in the past few years when it comes to reading and literature in general. I still read a few books in a year, but not that much. I prefer occult/philosophic/political literature above all. Two of the most recent writers I’ve read have been Savitri Devi and Johannes Nefastos.

General education is important to a fairly high degree for a basic understanding of your surroundings (if you lack the insight yourself of course), yet at least for myself the most important things are not taught in any school.
So you don't think there could be anything important hidden in classic western literature?

– Isn’t there important things “hidden” everywhere?

Sure there is. You mentioned “the ancient times” before. What do you mean with ancient times? Does old times inspire you more than these modern times we're actually living now?

– Ancient: Of great age; very old. Yes, old times inspire me more, but the modern world enrages me

the most, which is a source of high inspiration as well.
I was a bit disappointed that there were no lyrics included in Opferblut, why? Don’t you think lyrics are important in blackmetal?

– The concept of the album was mainly very personal, with little importance to others in my eyes, that is why I decided to keep the lyrics for myself. I think lyrics can be too important to be shared.

Do you consider your lyrics as propaganda, poetry or what and what’s the reason of using German in lyrics? What’s so special about that language?

– I consider my lyrics as partially propaganda, partially poetry, partially discussion with myself or a monologue about my inner feelings, beliefs, ambitions and ideals.

There has been even more French in my lyrics on my published albums than there has been German, maybe the reason for the featuring of French language was too natural to ask about for you. Would you care to explain what’s so un-important about French not to ask about? The “special” thing is about German is the aesthetic and strength it gives to expression, underlined by dark history, human fear and pan-European spirit.
I see. You can explain your fascination towards French too if you like to.

– Stop humiliating yourself.

I’m not humiliating anyone. I’m asking you questions and hoping that you’d answer them properly.

– There is a major difference in creating your questions based on facts, and based on vague impressions based of irrelevant things.

So you just give me the facts, man. But let us move forward.

– How elevating to see I would obviously have to teach basic interview techniques to our “journalist” here.

Black Katharsis” is a fascinating title for an album in my opinion. How did you come up with that title? Could your earlier works be considered as “Black Peripeteia” and “Black Anagnorisis” then?

– The hybrid name is a culmination of the very dark epoch in my life, which even made it to culminate in my music and lyrics. Thus the purification and rejuvenation from this black torment in my heart initially formed into something that became “Black Katharsis”. There is no particular development that could make releases preceeding that mini-album to have any particular attributes of peripeteia or anagnorisis as a whole, yet “Strength & Honour” has a certain aura of change within, so your idea might not be totally wrong either.

Do you have interests in occult? (I bet you have) Do you practice magic and have you ever cursed anybody?

– Yes (I bet you guessed it).

So you don't have anything else to say about this topic?

– That’s about as fucking lame as asking “missä kävit intin” or “paljonko rautaa nousee penkistä” or “paljonko kuluttaa satasella”.

OK. For a reason or another you just don’t have anything to say about this subject. I can live with that and I believe the readers can as well. Could you kindly and briefly tell what do you think about the following persons and topics?

– Jews.
Eliphas Levi?

– One of the writers on which the whole western esoteric traditions is based on. His influence is undeniable.
H.P. Blavatsky?

– Some of her racial theories have fascinated me to a high degree for years. Her other writings are highly interesting, too.

J.R.R. Tolkien?

– A great fantasy writer.

Josif Stalin?

– Stalin is good, Hitler is bad, right?

Aleister Crowley?

– A pervert and an evil genius.

European Union?

– Perversion of the idea of Pan-European gathering of tribes.

What about self mutilation, do you cut your flesh and why/why not?

– No I don’t. I don’t have any need for such activity now.

When the fullmoon shines the werewolf strikes”, what a nice rhyme you’ve got there. What is this whole Werewolf thing about? Why did you change your pseudonym from Nazgul von Armageddon to Satanic Tyrant Werwolf? Is it important in any sense to use pseudonyms anymore? You’ve had quite a few in different projects and your real name isn’t a state secret either, I guess...

– The lycanthropic archetype of the werewolf is a powerful symbol, portraying the most pure essence of the Luciferian flame in man. A predator and a beast, preying on flesh to survive, yet with a bond to the wolfish tribal spirit, which is one of the most primal characteristics of European man also, leading ancient tribal culture into city-states and all the way to (fallen) empires of modern days. A wolf walking among men, superior instincts and senses able to mold the surrounding society of fools as he sees fit. A power of change within, waiting to be unleashed in uncontrolled lust, with no moral obligations, no feelings of immature hatred, just a predatory survival. The berserker warriors of the northmen.

I changed my name because I wanted to. It’s great to see you twisting the facts again, wanker. Your “quite a few” in fact is only practically these two names and their variations I have ever used. I never expected my real name to be a secret.
Where did I twist the facts? You're a white, grown-up man and you call me a wanker when I just asked about your pseudonyms! My heart is bleeding Mister Werwolf. So you don't know who is “Sexual Hammer” of Mental Terror or “Raul” of Ravening for example?

– I have never been a member of the latter band and never will be.

OK. Then I twisted the facts. Apologies for that. I have been misinformed that you have performed some vocals on their 7” with the pseudonym “Raul”. But let us move forward with this conversation. Do you hate people?

– Hate is not the word. I feel pity, frustration and disappointment towards most people.

Why are you disappointed to people? What they should be like then?

– Humans should be better / more humble / dead.

Why so?

– Because humans are worthless / think too much of themselves / alive.

What’s your opinion on suicide? Do you enjoy being alive? And what will happen to you after you’ve left this carnal life?

– Suicide has two sides to it, either an act of extreme weakness or an act as an extreme fuck off-gesture against the world. Life and death walk hand in hand. To love life is to welcome death when it’s time arrives. For me death is a hidden iron gate waiting in the end of this path, which shall remain for me as a place kept with a silent awaiting in my hard with uttermost adoration. To become a part of the eternal cycle again…

I think Satanic Warmaster’s cover artwork was OK on the three first albums and I understand the wolverine on “…Of the Night” also, but why is there a picture of you standing in the woods in full make-up, spikes, cloak and stuff on the unofficial cover of “Carelian Satanist Madness”? Is Carelian Satanist Madness just standing in the woods with all these blackmetal properties? Or what are you really doing there on that picture? What is its deeper meaning?

– I have no idea what the fuck are you talking about here. If you understand the wolverine and ask me about a very traditional Black Metal album cover, it’s not anything I can explain anymore. You must be really fucked up from the cover of “Transilvanian Hunger” with a Norwegian guy in the cover with candles and fairly well-fed cheeks, or “Thousand Swords” when there’s hardly ten swords in the cover in the re-issue cover and even less in the original version covers. (I think swords, hobbits and such “symbols” are quite pussy anyway. –Lind) Maybe you should once in your life concentrate on thinking concepts of basic symbolism, and ease a bit on the smart-ass shenanigans. By the way, it was “Black Metal” what VENOM wrote about, not “blackmetal”.

I have that Venom LP too, and I love Transilvanian Hunger, but the question was why YOU decided to put your own image on the album cover. I really thought there would’ve been some other reasons than because Darkthrone did something similar in the nineties. You don’t need to educate me in thinking basic symbolism. I’m quite a sophisticated guy really. So don’t you really have anything reasonable to say about your new album cover?

– Stop humiliating yourself. Glad to see you say it out loud, since your “sophistication” is just not there. (This is a Satanic Warmaster intie, I just happen to be the person who makes up these questions. My sophistication or humiliation is not the point here. -Lind)

C.S.M. cover symbolism for retards:

Carelian = The forest in the depths of my home village.

Satanist = Myself.

Madness = The hatred and the dark elements of nature brought forth in the shape of a blade and the ram’s skull.

So it wasn’t so difficult to explain that very simple symbolism for retards after all. Satanic Warmaster performed a gig in Turku, Finland in May 2004 and you all wore just dress shirts and black ties (I kind of liked that image). And after that there have been many pictures of you in corpsepaint, candles and so on. What does wearing spikes and corpsepaint mean to you? Is image important really?

– I had pictures of me in corpsepaint also before the first live appearances, so once again you don’t know shit you are talking about. (I’ve been reading zines and buying demos and stuff since mid nineties, so I know quite well that you’ve been using make-up for years before that show, mister Wolf.) I want to invoke the obscure Black Metal feeling of darkness, the rejection of the human face to become one with Satan, the appearance of the beast within. Image is important, but it should never be placed before the actual essence of a creation, and this is the reason for the way I initiated the first live shows of SATANIC WARMASTER with such a different approach. The show in Germany with all the disappointed “fans” being shocked about our appearance made me 100% sure of the mentality of most of the people into Black Metal now. People were weeping about not buying my albums anymore because our show was “boring”. For me this is a similar atrocity as if people would complain people from Black Metal bands eating, sleeping and fucking. YOU DON’T CARE WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS; YOU JUST CARE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE.

At least I was positively surprised that SW performed that gig without any glam stuffs and the gig was just great and hard without the usual BM circus. Did you enjoy disappointing the German posers by lacking a traditional show?

– Yes, it was one of the greatest moments of self-gratification to see their reactions. Those people wouldn’t have deserved it anyway.

You’ve been involved in quite many different musical projects. Are you so creative that you are not capable to channel all your ideas into one great form, but you have to have number of different projects? Where does your creativeness spring from?

– Vision. That’s what makes it impossible for me to write all my material for one single project that would pervert the vision and the concept, that is always clear (I’m also somewhat of a purist when it comes to musical expression). That’s what drives me to create. Also if you inspect things, less than 10 active projects (most with very few releases) in the 10 past years are not that much.

Part of blackmetal people is getting old and some have even families. Do you think it is suitable for a Satanist to produce descendants and why? Do you believe in love?

– I had a family even on the day I was born; I had a father, a mother and even grandparents. Procreation is our only chance of survival. Only a selfish egoist mind poisoned by the modern hedonist way of life cannot admit the fact that our nations will collapse under the huge amount of immigration from outside of Europe if we do not secure the flow of our blood into future. There is no glory in not wanting to live through blood through the ages. This is what is also clearly explained in the principals of aeonic magick. Obviously you don’t think of such issues, knowing your sexual orientation etc. I believe in all emotions.

No I'm not into aeonic magic. What's glory worth for anyway? What's that stupid speculation about my sexual orientation? Do you think I'm a homosexual?

– Glory is what writes our names down for the future generations to see. There are orientations within heterosexuality too.

What’s your relationship with nature? What’s your opinion on nuclear power?

– Nature is a great source of inspiration, nature is all. Nature goes deeper than the lakes and the trees; nature is all that is beyond the human eye. The dark essence of nature and the cosmos, known also as Satan is everything to me.

Nuclear power?

– NUCLEAR DEATH is one of the most fucking extreme bands ever! I just cannot stop praising “Carrion for worm” and “Bride of insect”!

Lori Bravo surely is one of the greatest women in extreme metal.
When is the world going to meet its end and how?

– It won’t end. It will change and life will not exist as we know it anymore, but it will never end.

Ok, thanks for the interview Satanic Tyrant Werwolf and good luck with your business. Anything left to say in the end?

– Yes. This is must be the most helpless attempt of a quick-witted interview ever seen.

Your total lack of interest towards Black Metal reeks through the whole interview makes me

wonder of your motives. I hope the other interviews in this magazine are not as bad.

All my best regards to Mr. Hakonen and DARK MOON ‘zine. May he find better assistants

the next time.





For those respectable spirits seeking for some concrete information about SATANIC WARMASTER, philosophy and music, feel free to contact me through e-mail.
Band contact:
PO BOX 169


e-mail: werwolf@blackmetal.fi

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