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Hegemony key to Japanese alliance

Takadoro ‘8 (Masayuki, Keio University Professor of International Political Science and Economics, Financial crisis marks end of US as hyper power, Mainchini, Nov 5)

Thus, Japan's basic approach should be to make clear both internally and externally that it will support moderate and sensible leadership by the U.S. while trying to enhance its own ability to act independently. This is not tantamount to blindly obeying the U.S. At this time of crisis, discord between nations could threaten not only the global economy but world order as a whole Japan now has a good chance to persuade Washington, which may be prepared to listen to the friendly counsel of its ally, to revert to sensible leadership as Japan's financial system is relatively stable and sound. A United States that behaves in an excessive manner is a threat to Japan, to the world and above all to the U.S. itself. However, a shaky U.S. would also be a threat to Japan, which relies on it for national security and the international economic order it provides. While it is easy to criticize the United States, its sensible leadership is still the best hope for the world to create a liberal and open world order

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