Heaven and Hell Are Real: Heaven’s Friends and Family Plan Revelation 22: 1–5 (niv)

Understand the historical context

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Understand the historical context

This letter of Revelation was written to the early Christians in the late first century around the year 96, approximately 60 years after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. It was written to the early churches in Asia in the area of modern day Turkey. It was written by John, one of Jesus’s disciples, the one he loved, and was written to Christians who were experiencing great persecution. The times were traumatic and death and destruction was everywhere around them. There were famines in the early 90’s and earthquakes had devastated the area 30 years earlier. The world seemed to be living in a very unstable time. Christians were seen as others to be unpatriotic and part of a cult because they met privately in homes having love feasts and talked of eating the flesh and blood of Jesus. The Christians seemed to come from the lower socio-economic classes. The Christians of the day were often harassed with violence and their property destroyed. They were discriminated against socially and economically. The Christians were living in the midst of a pagan culture worshipping Roman gods and they did not understand the practices of the Christians. Christians we killed for their faith if they did not renounce the Lordship of Jesus Christ in their lives and curse Christ. John wrote this letter to console the Christians and give them hope.

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