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Heart of Texas Regional Advisory Council (HOTRAC)


Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

January 22, 2008

Members Present

Chair – Ms. Anita Diebenow, Goodall-Witcher (by proxy)

Vice Chair – Ms. Lori Boyett, HBMC

Treasurer – Mr. Robert Saunders, ETMC-EMS

Ms. Tamra Acierni, HBMC Mr. Sherry Baker, HBMC

Ms. Eileen Bohannon, Providence Mr. Mike Clements, Mexia Fire/EMS

Ms. Mitzi Daniel, Parkview Regional Mr. Marty Penney, Hillsboro Fire

Mr. Dewey Ratliff, Bosque County OEM Dr. Ted Smith, HBMC

Mr. Eldon Taylor, ETMC-EMS Mr. Mike Thompson, LMC
Members Not Present

Secretary – Frank Patterson, Waco-McLennan County OEM

Dr. William Daney, HBMC

Ms. Diane Fraley

Ms. Joyce McDowell, Goodall-Witcher

Dr. Scott Peterson, HBMC

Staff Present

Ms. Christine Reeves, Executive Director

  1. Call to Order - Ms. Lori Boyett, Vice Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:05pm.

  1. Determination of Quorum - It was determined that a quorum was present.

  1. Consideration of and/or action on the following:

    1. January 22, 2008 Meeting Minutes – Mr. Taylor motioned to accept minutes as presented. Mr. Ratliff seconded the motion. Motion carried.

    2. Budget & Finance Committee

      1. 2006 Audit Report – Copies of the report were provided to the Board in their binders. Ms. Reeves reviewed audit findings.

      2. Committee Minutes - The Board had no questions regarding the minutes at this time.

    3. Recommendations from Committees

      1. Education – partnership with MCC – Mr. Taylor provided the group with a brief summary of the discussion that occurred at the Education/Injury Prevention meeting. Ms. Bohannon motioned to approve the partnership with MCC allowing HOTRAC to utilize all available 2008 LPG funds for the card courses. Ms. Daniel seconded the motion. Motion carried.

      2. Performance Improvement Process – Ms. Reeves provided a brief update of the proposed PI Process. Physicians Advisory asked for Ms. Reeves to prepare PI reports for Pedi, EMS, Stroke, and Cardiac as she does for Trauma. This process will be reviewed quarterly until all the kinks are worked out. The Board agreed collectively with the proposed process.

    4. Membership in TETAF

      1. Dues – Ms. Reeves reminded the Board that before each year’s dues was to be paid a discussion would occur to see if HOTRAC wanted to continue membership. She also reminded them that the RAC’s dues is definitely cheaper than each Level IV Trauma Center paying for a designation survey. Some discussion ensued. Mr. Taylor motioned to approval payment of dues for 2008 but to discuss 2009 membership before paying dues. Mr. Clements seconded motion. Motion carried. Ms. Boyett asked for TETAF membership to be placed on the agenda beginning in October or November. The rest of the Board agreed.

      2. February 26-27 meetings – Ms. Reeves asked the Board for permission not to attend the TETAF meetings coming up regarding the hiring of TETAF Staff and the development of registry survey questions. Ms. Reeves felt it would be a waste of her time based on current work load. She assured the Board she could get the information from reliable sources. Some discussion ensued. Mr. Saunders motioned to allow Ms. Reeves to decide whether she should attend these meetings or not. Ms. Ratliff seconded the motion. Motion carried.

    5. Update on Lake Whitney Medical Center – Ms. Reeves updated the group on her recent discussions with the new Director of Nurses, Jana Radle. Many Board members personally know Ms. Radle. Ms. Reeves reported that Lake Whitney was represented at all of the committee meetings this week and had agreed to complete Trauma QI. Minimal discussion ensued. Additional discussion will take place at the March Board meeting on this issue and how to proceed.

    6. Purchase of Board/Staff Shirts - Ms. Reeves proposed the purchase of shirts for the Board and Staff. Having HOTRAC shirts looks very professional and supportive of the organization. Dr. Smith motioned to purchase shirts. Mr. Penney seconded the motion. Motion carried. Ms. Reeves will work with each Board/Staff member to order at least one shirt a piece of their choosing.

    7. Executive Committee Responsibilities – Ms. Boyett requested that since this item would require significant discussion that it be tabled with an assignment to Board members. Each member would forward any duties they would like to discuss to Ms. Reeves to be compiled as a starting place for the discussion. The Board agreed with her on the issue.

    8. Procurement Policy – Mr. Ratliff motioned to approve as written. Ms. Bohannon seconded the motion. Motion carried.

    9. Privacy Policy – Ms. Reeves reported that in jest a comment was made at the previous meeting regarding privacy of information. The proposed policy would be signed by each HOTRAC Board member, staff, and/or volunteers. Mr. Ratliff motioned to approve the policy as presented. Ms. Baker seconded the motion. Motion carried.

    10. Financial Status Report Formats – The Board was pleased with the reports provided for this meeting with the addition of a year-to-date column to the budget vs. actual report. Ms. Reeves agreed.

    11. Board RSVP notification – Ms. Boyett requested that Board members would only notify HOTRAC Staff when they would not be in attendance. After much discussion, Ms. Acierni motioned to have HOTRAC Staff send a meeting reminder and that attendance was expected by the member if Staff was not notified different. Mr. Saunders seconded the motion. Motion carried. Ms. Reeves will notify those members not present.

  1. Emergency Healthcare System Issues – No issues were brought forward.

  1. Updates from State Meetings (GETAC; TTCF; TETAF)

Ms. Reeves provided the Board members with copies of the Executive Summary and offered to answer questions. Not questions were asked.

  1. RAC Committee Reports

The Committee Chairs present gave a quick update and further update would be provided at General Assembly due to time constraints. Main items mentioned included pediatric QI and development of recognition process for Support Stroke Centers.

  1. Executive Director Report

    1. Financial – The Board had no questions at this time. Ms. Reeves reminded the Board that the checkbooks available for review. Ms. Reeves updated that she had just received notice from IRS that HOTRAC was not liable for federal unemployment.

    2. Member Compliance – Ms. Reeves reported that many of the members had not paid dues or completed the appropriate paperwork. She would have a complete report at the March meeting since items were due until March 1st.

    3. DSHS Board Training - Ms. Reeves reminded those present that everyone should take the new online Board training. It is more informative then the old video. After completion, a form needed to be signed and turned into Staff for submission to the State.

    4. Meeting with Waco Police Chief - Ms. Reeves reported that she and Mr. Patterson had a meeting with Chief Stroman on March 3rd to discuss the possibility of HOTRAC remaining at the Tower once the City takes ownership. There have been no final contracts for the Tower at this time. Ms. Reeves thought this might be a good partnership if everything worked out well.

  1. Next meeting/Adjourn

The next meeting is scheduled March 25th at 3:00pm. The meeting was adjourned at 5:45pm without incident.
_________________________________ _________________________________

Anita Diebenow, MS, RN Lori Boyett, RN, BSN

Chair Vice Chair

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