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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Let it be known that on the 13th day of November in the year of our Lord two thousand and fifteen, the students of thy history classes of Queen Grubb will be turning in a Middle Ages project.

Thou must research and build a castle from the Middle Ages.

Thou must include a research paper with thy castle.

With this decree you are granted permission to begin researching your castle.

Middle Ages Project Guidelines

Project: Your project is to research and build a medieval castle. This finished project will include a 3 dimensional castle and a research report.

Project due date: December 16, 2015

The Castle: Research and select a castle from the Middle Age using the time period 500 to 1500.
You may use any building materials you like! Suggested materials include sugar cubes, cardboard, Legos, popsicle sticks, etc....
• You must clearly label the castle model with the following: Name of the castle, name of the lord who governed the castle, and where the castle is located. Points will be taken off final grade if these labels are missing from the castle.
• You must select 5 areas of the castle that you find most interesting and clearly label these areas on your castle model.
• The completed castle cannot have a base larger than 20" x 20". (It must fit on the top

of your desk!)

Possible questions:

  1. Where can I find information on Medieval castles? There is a lot of information on the web, just type in Middle Ages Castles in the search and lots of information will come up. You can also visit the local library.

  1. Will the students be given class time to work on project? We will not be a working on the project in class. If you do not have the internet available to you, let us know and we will let your child research a castle during study hall.

  1. Can my child label more than 5 areas of the castle? Sure!

  1. Will my child be graded on artistic talent? No, we will be looking at the amount of effort put into the project. We understand that children are building these castles, not artists. Neatness, organization, and following of directions will be considered in the final grade.

  1. What will my child’s project be graded on? Please look at the attached rubric, we will be using that for the final grade.

  1. Can I help my child with the project? Yes! However, please understand the work should CLEARLY be your child's. We expect parents to help in a SUPPORTIVE ROLE- hot glue gun, saw, shopping, mixing paint, typing,and grade appropriate editing. Therefore, we expect to see fourth grade level work

Castle Rubric








It appears that a great deal of effort was put into this project.

It appears that some effort was put into this project.

It appears that not much effort was put into this project.

It appears that hardly any effort was put into this project.

Parts of the Castle

At least five parts of the castle are included and labeled correctly

Only four parts of the castle are included and labeled correctly.

Only two- three parts of the castle are included and labeled correctly.

Only one or fewer parts of the castle are included and labeled correctly.

Neatness and Appearance

The castle was

neatly done. It looks spectacular.

Most of the castle parts are neatly done.

The castle has parts that are neatly done, but most of the castle looks sloppy and finished without care.

The castle was sloppily done, it appears to have been rushed.

Requirements of Project

All project

· requirements

:have been met

Most project requirements have been met.

Several of the project requirements are missing.

Most of the project requirements were not met.


________/40 points

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