Health declaration questionnaire information

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Please find below your Health Declaration Questionnaire Information for you to complete.

Health declaration questionnaire information

Thank you for accepting a place on a pre-registration healthcare course at The University of Northampton.

Following the publication of the Clothier Report recommendations, all applicants for pre-registration healthcare courses need to undertake occupational health screening. You therefore need to do the following now:-
1. Complete the Health Declaration Questionnaire on pages 2-5.
2. Take the GP Health questionnaire on page 6 to your GP for completion. This should then be returned to you. (You will be required to meet any cost incurred).
3. Send both the completed Health Declaration Questionnaire and the GP Health Questionnaire to the Occupational Health Department at Northampton General Hospital unless you are coming to do Nursing or Midwifery, in which case you must return both questionnaires to your host site. All addresses can be found on page 7.
4. You must then contact the relevant Occupational Health Department to arrange an appointment five working days after you have posted your questionnaire. It is your responsibility to contact the relevant Occupational Health Department to arrange an appointment, they will not contact you.

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