Health Consultation Assessment of Drinking Water Quality And Cancer Incidence Scituate, ma

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The town of Scituate is located 23 miles southeast of Boston in Plymouth County and is bordered by the towns of Cohasset to the northwest, Hingham to the west, Norwell to the southwest, Marshfield to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east and north (refer to Figure 1). Scituate is primarily a residential community and comprises an area of approximately 32 square miles with 977 residents per square mile (DHCD 2000). The 2000

U.S. Census reports a total of 17,863 residents in the town of Scituate (USDOC 2001).

The town of Scituate is divided into three smaller geographic areas or census tracts (CTs)

(CTs 5051.01, 5051.02, and 5052). The Third Cliff area is located in CT 5052, in the southeastern portion of the town. The CT is the smallest geographic area for which cancer rates can be accurately calculated. Specifically, a CT is a smaller, population-based subdivision of a county. The focus of this evaluation was to analyze cancer incidence and environmental concerns in CTs 5051.01, 5051.02, and 5052 with particular emphasis on CT

5052, the location of the Third Cliff area. Census tract locations and boundaries in Scituate are also presented in Figure 1.

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