Health Consultation Assessment of Drinking Water Quality And Cancer Incidence Scituate, ma

Cancer Incidence in Census Tract 5051.02 (Table 6)

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3. Cancer Incidence in Census Tract 5051.02 (Table 6)

Census tract 5051.02 comprises the central and western part of the town of Scituate adjacent to Cohasset and Norwell. Between the years 1987-1997, cancer incidence among males and females combined in this census tract, with the exception of breast cancer, generally occurred at expected rates for the five cancer types evaluated. Breast cancer among females occurred more often than expected. Forty-nine cases were observed when approximately 32 cases


were expected (SIR=153). This elevation was statistically significant (95% CI=113-202). No cases of breast cancer were observed among males in this census tract. Testicular cancer among males occurred at the expected rate (one case was observed and approximately one case was expected).

Kidney cancer occurred less often than expected. Among both males and females combined, three cases of kidney cancer were observed when approximately five were expected. Leukemia also occurred less often than expected among both males and females combined

(three cases were observed when approximately four cases were expected). No cases of leukemia were observed among males. Among females, leukemia occurred slightly more often than expected (three cases were observed and approximately two cases were expected).

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