Health Consultation Assessment of Drinking Water Quality And Cancer Incidence Scituate, ma

Municipal Water Supply (Town-Wide)

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2. Municipal Water Supply (Town-Wide)

Past exposure to TCE in the municipal water supply was possible for residents throughout Scituate. TCE has been detected at levels above the MCL in the past in water obtained from well 19, monitoring wells installed around well 19, and from Scituate Town Hall. MDPH is not aware of any past sampling and/or TCE analyses of tap water in Scituate residences or buildings using municipal water. Therefore, the potential presence of TCE in municipal water supplied to residences in Scituate in the past cannot be confirmed. However, based on the water distribution system for the town, it appears likely that the amount of TCE detected at the Town Hall was probably higher than what would have been potentially found at residences and other, more distant locations farther down the distribution system. Therefore, if TCE were present in the municipal water, it probably existed at lower concentrations than what was detected at the Town Hall, which is the first output to receive water from well 19. If it is assumed that the maximum detected concentration of TCE at Town Hall (9.6 ppb) may have reached some residences, the estimated exposures to adults or children who consumed two liters of water per day do not suggest that any adverse health effects would occur (Appendix D).

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