Health Consultation Assessment of Drinking Water Quality And Cancer Incidence Scituate, ma

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A. Completed Exposure Pathways
1. Municipal Water (Scituate Town Hall)

Past exposures to TCE may have been possible for individuals exposed to municipal water at Scituate Town Hall. The primary way that people may have been exposed to this water is via ingestion or through dermal contact (i.e., drinking or washing hands). All of the water


samples obtained at the Town Hall were taken from a utility sink; this water is not used for consumption (Babbin 2000). Although it is unlikely that significant exposures occurred at Town Hall, no water samples were obtained from the bathroom faucets or other water outputs that may be more likely used for consumption purposes and hand washing.

Therefore, to provide a conservative evaluation of potential exposure to TCE in Town Hall water, it was assumed that individuals consumed 2 liters of water per day containing the highest concentration of TCE detected in the utility sink (9.6 ppb) at Scituate Town Hall. The calculated exposure dose (Appendix C) was lower than the lowest dose known to cause health effects in animals. This suggests that individuals exposed to TCE in Town Hall water via the ingestion route likely would not have experienced adverse health outcomes.

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