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C. Learning objectives
Scholarly skills

  1. To consolidate information gathering skills, including electronic sources

  2. To embed the Harvard system of referencing

  3. To foster self-evaluation of skills and competences

Content development

  1. To give an indication of key aspects of Durkheim’s social theory

  2. To draw attention to different approaches to social change

UZSNLG-30-1 Sociological Practice

You are required to submit BOTH of the following:

Part A
A 2000 word essay from one of the following titles:

  1. What does thinking sociologically imply? Please answer the question with examples and reference to literature related to the concept of ‘sociological imagination’.

  1. What do the terms explorative, descriptive and explanatory mean in relation to sociological research? Please give examples of published research in relation to these terms. 

  1. What is the role of comparison in Sociology? Drawing on materials covered this year, give examples of comparative approaches.

  1. How and why do individuals’ life stories become relevant to sociological inquiry?

Part B
A 1500 word critical reflection – this should be a reworded version of your original submission.
For further details see Module Handbook.

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