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Alternative Task for non-participants in workshops

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Alternative Task for non-participants in workshops
If you did not participate in workshops you should complete the ‘content’ section of the task and then address the following questions:

    1. What learning opportunities did you miss by not attending workshops?

    2. What are the consequences for your learning of missing the workshops?

    3. What strategies will you now adopt to make up for the disadvantage of having missed the workshops?


Please bear in mind that we, the examiners, are looking for evidence that candidates satisfactorily demonstrate the learning outcomes for the module.  You need therefore to reflect on the Learning Outcomes for the module. You can find a copy in your module handbook (Page 5).

Skills Based Assignment
This assignment is designed to promote particular skills. These are set out below as learning objectives. You will be provided with an extract from the work of Emile Durkheim and will be required to complete the four tasks enumerated in section A below.

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