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UZSNLF-30-1 Sociological Foundations

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UZSNLF-30-1 Sociological Foundations

You are required to submit two pieces of coursework, one skills-based (1500 words), the other a piece of critical reflection (2000 words). Please refer to BlackBoard for further information.

Critical Reflection
You are required to reflect on your experience of studying the foundations of the discipline of sociology. In your reflection you should consider TWO aspects of your learning experience. Firstly, you should reflect on the sociological content of your learning (ie what you learned – what sociological knowledge did you gain?). Secondly, you should reflect on the process of your learning both within your workshop and as an individual learner.

All methods of assessment test particular skills. Here we are keen to see that you can write a sustained piece of work: we also want to see how you evaluate the experience of becoming an independent learner.

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