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UZSNQG-15-3 Victims and Victimology

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UZSNQG-15-3 Victims and Victimology

You are required to write a 2000 word essay on the following question:

Victims are treated as equals to the offender in the Criminal Justice system. Critically discuss.

UZSNQH-30-3 Stop, Look, Listen! A Sociology of Culture

You are required to submit BOTH of the following:

Coursework 1 Referral: 2,000 word assignment entitled
‘Choosing one school or tradition of cultural theory (e.g. The Birmingham Centre), critique the ways in which that tradition continues to contribute to understandings of contemporary culture.’
Coursework 2 Referral: 3,000 word assignment entitled
‘Detail the ways in which your thoughts relating to culture have changed during the duration of this module. Illustrate your answer with examples.’
You should detail your participation in this module and recall how your perceptions about culture have changed through this participation.

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