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UZSNQA-30-3 Critical Criminology

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UZSNQA-30-3 Critical Criminology

You are required to submit an essay of not more than 3,000 words from the following list, choosing a different title from that of your original submission.

  1. Nils Christie (2004:1-12) has claimed that ‘crime does not exist’. Critically evaluate this claim and its implications for the discipline of criminology.

  2. Power distorts the criminal justice system. Discuss with reference to at least three of the following themes: race, sexuality, learning disability, corporations, wealth, class, gender, state power or age.

  3. Critically evaluate the contribution of feminist theories to the criminological endeavour.

  4. "Cultural criminology uses 'evidence' of everyday existence, wherever it is found and in whatever form it can be found; the debris of everyday is its 'data'" (Presdee, 2004: 15) in the light of this reference, critically consider what cultural criminology is and how it locates within the general field of criminology.

  5. Crime and spectacular subcultures: is there a nexus? Discuss in relation to relevant criminological theories and with reference to case studies

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