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The work you need to do is set out in this booklet in Level and Module Name order. If you have any difficulty understanding what you have to do you must contact a Student Adviser immediately,

Should you need further information, or assistance with your referral you may be able to contact the module leader by e-mail. Please however, remember that academic staff will not necessarily be available over the summer vacation; you should not expect to receive additional help.
Please submit the work, using the online coversheet, which you can download from myUWE, by 8 August 2011 by 2.00pm either by hand delivery to the Frenchay reception,
Or, by post addressed to the Faculty Office:

UWE Frenchay Campus

Coldharbour Lane



If you post the work to us you will need to obtain a ‘proof of posting’ which indicates that it was posted before the 2.00pm deadline.

Please also remember, it is essential that you keep a copy of the work for your own records.

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