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Level 2 UZSNMB-30-2 Beliefs and Society

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Level 2

UZSNMB-30-2 Beliefs and Society

You will be required to submit ONE essay of 3000 words from the following titles:

  1. In the context of ONE of the following, assess the usefulness of the social constructionist hypothesis:

  1. How far does language work to reproduce either gender or racial divisions?

  1. To what extent do we live in a therapy culture and what are the reasons for this?


  1. To what extent are we manipulated by consumer culture?


  1. How far is it correct to say that there is a moral panic over gun crime?

  1. Critically evaluate New Age movements as typical of the way in which religiosity is expressed in the late modern world.


  1. For Foucault, why was madness silenced and the mad institutionalised?


  1. Why did the persecution of witches develop in western Europe during the mid 15th to mid 18th centuries and why did they so rapidly decline?


  1. How successful have sociologists been in explaining violence and hatred? Illustrate your answer in relation to accounts of genocide or hate crimes in late modern society.


  1. Critically evaluate sociological explanations for the appeal of fundamentalisms in late modernity.

For further guidance see the module handbook on Black Board, where you will find the grid the essay assessment criteria and grading scheme. The latter relate to: Relevance of the content of the essay to the question set; Structure and organization of the essay; Grounding in the literature and use of evidence and supporting material; Clarity, coherence and depth of argument. The final category is: Standard of literacy and presentation, which includes referencing and source attribution as well as clarity of expression. In the Assessment folder in Blackboard, you will also find the PowerPoint slides giving you more specific guidelines on writing essays, which is also generally useful for writing essays in examinations.

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