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B. What you should do

  1. Please print off the extract you will find in the appropriate folder: it is labelled. Read the extract very carefully and as many times as it takes to understand it.

The extract is taken from The Division of Labour in Society: that is its context. You are required to write a 500 word commentary on that context. Your commentary should include:

To do this, you will need to refer to the literature and especially the recommended texts. Make a note of everything you cite (refer to) because you will need to provide a list of references (see B point 3 above).

You should use the Harvard system of references when citing sources in your text and constructing a list of references.

  1. Next, you should summarise the argument in the extract in not more than 500 words. Take some time to identify the key concepts and use that construct this section. Your aim is to convince the examiners that you understand the extract. You should show

    • how it fits into the context above

    • why it is significant to the thesis

    • your understanding of the key concepts (eg social solidarity and social change)

  1. Then, list ten sources that you have used to inform your work. These should include at least three internet sources. This list should conform completely with the Harvard system of referencing.

  1. Finally, complete the self-evaluation sheet indicating what you think of your scholarly skills at this point.

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