He was always occupied with these two spleen and ideal, he dreamed of an ideal world all the parts basically dreamed about an ideal world which will be free from all kinds of sufferings

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He was always occupied with these two spleen and ideal , he dreamed of an ideal world. all the parts basically dreamed about an ideal world which will be free from all kinds of sufferings. he also believed in an ideal world but to he talked about how the ideal world will be free from all kinds of sufferings, . there is like always a symbol of suffering mental and psychological agony an our moral and spiritual decay or degradation all those things are there and cannot remember I centre last bout that bowler also suffered from spiritual crisis and this suffering also symbolises something other people can remember I say something like that he believed that people all have this kind of model decade on the grow nation as well as they have they have those are spiritual torment they were tormented inside. because they were not having spiritual fulfilment hold on. he knew that there is other side of the coin. he believed that is not really possible to permanently leave that split in world and to reach the ideal world. the more and more you run after material success the more and more you are basically running away from your religious belief.

For example a body also had this religious ideas of spiritual ideas about word our crime scene then then then then you see that redemption the idea is there again these may not be all the case . because when you talk about the sea Voyager or sailors the only Albatross can give you compny. he is talking about the fact that the sailors they basically catch albatross fellowship but only to make fun. the albatross are the sailors are visually make them make fun with an outer just out of amusement . out of fun there catch albatross, is now if we if we see it from the perspective of a common that people of that time or people after that they are doing unnecessary things. there is nothing creative, there’s nothing there's no credit in catching albatross . so he called at the Albertross that kings of the sky. that heavenly kings clumsy ashamed pathetically let their grade white wings drag beside them like horse. so albatross have a bigger wings order them for the purpose of you know flying for long time. so they look majestic they look gorgeous when they're flying in with the flying the sky. their wings what was helpful for them when they were flying, become an obstacle for them. because it cannot add stop them from walking properly.

the people who don't understand the real worth of them. he cannot explain is there right because he wants to change everything. but he cannot change anything how nevertheless he can basically create his own world , so that’s the ideal world. although you are living in the screen is the ideal world you can create out of your imagination . so when when the party is exactly on the art right he basically found himself among the people who does not understand his word doesn't understand his creativity. at the one last line is giant wings prevent him from walking and this giant green wings basically refer to his creativity or his indent intellectual or his artistic genius. so anyway but there is considering that requires much superior than other people is like just like the albatross but the way albatross losses Grainger when it falls into the hands of common people or sailors same fate happens. he is basically saying that from apart perspective that you know you know ease considering the parts that points to period to two other people and people do those you don’t really understand the real world of what happens when the point find himself or herself in God situation it feels like sort of fields of fish out of water and just like the the giant wings of the albatross was advantageous for them when they were there fly but it becomes an obstacle for them when they’re on the ground. so for the point that artistic genius or is creativity is giant wings can be an an obstacle when he is among people who does not have a does not have the capability to understand his capable his artistic genius. also before like responsibility as poet and his responsibility or lack of responsibility as apart from the upper class and houses that as well could be could be could be the fact that he is misunderstood by common people .

whatever he is doing or even probably people found his feet found his plans are very much option there was some nudity, is the found probably this is option bad for morality of the people that’s why they probably criticises.

Beauty- Beauty

I am fair, O mortals! like a dream carved in stone,

And my breast where each one in turn has bruised himself
Is made to inspire in the poet a love
As eternal and silent as matter.

On a throne in the sky, a mysterious sphinx,

I join a heart of snow to the whiteness of swans;
I hate movement for it displaces lines,
And never do I weep and never do I laugh.

Poets, before my grandiose poses,

Which I seem to assume from the proudest statues,
Will consume their lives in austere study;

For I have, to enchant those submissive lovers,

Pure mirrors that make all things more beautiful:
My eyes, my large, wide eyes of eternal brightness!

The language also modest and tone is not sad. we found that beauty is compared with the stone . so here beauty is talking two are human beings like us all mortals. beauty is everywhere right so beauty is cruel. beauty is compared to a stone so beauty is clear but we human being run after it. so beauty is silent but beauty is everlasting. he is saying what are you saying beauty is everlasting. to beauty in sculpture beauty never fades away. so here he is saying that bold is saying that beauty is silent and it is it is it as silent like a stone it doesn’t talk is also it is also everlasting.

just imagine as snow cold heart is uniting with the whiteness of this one as in wonderful imagery. snow is cold , the colour is white, fragile as well could be fragile. he says that a heart which is middle snow .which might symbolise that it’s quite my symbolise that it’s cold my symbolise that it keeps its fragile right and it compared this with the whiteness of Swans,. I said beauty is queen but beauty is misunderstood. as things and mysterious things I rotate is fragile and it’s called bear this with the whiteness of Swans

so beauty is constant. we cannot create we are we human being or with oppressed cannot create beauty we can only borrow it .that’s a significant line with the players with a human cannot create beauty you can just borrow it. together you won’t really know each other sorry it's a thinker of things and woman's heart is frail but not failed to the point that it doesn't have its tone or coldness that is why it's the heart of the snow and because of the beauty of woman in are another both physical and spiritual it is widely as well as local Swans there’s basically always seen as as as cruel brutal or something like that so inside Taurus to the flowers so yeah so there is like that so no matter how beautiful this is and that’s a good thing that we measure the spins and and the duality is there

the fourth standard is talking about the lovers so you see that all the all the lovers for all the lovers beauty plays as significant role. so beauty and then there's a good understanding of beauty for all the . he’s the boulder wants to say that is the strange strength of beauty it makes everything nice . wants to say that is the strain strength of beauty it makes everything nice so when you look when you look at things to the lens of beauty everything becomes nicer. the eyes of beauty is full of wonder so that's that's the message here for the love.

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