He gave the golden apple to Aphrodite

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1. He gave the golden apple to Aphrodite.

2. The mighty hunter.

6. A great inventor who designed the labyrinth and wings for humans.

7. The man who has to roll a rock up a hill for eternity.

8. Hero who fought the Minotaur.

10. The greatest Trojan hero.

11. Greek hero who defeated Hector in front of the walls of Troy.

13. Hero who defeated the Cyclops.


1. Hero who cut off Medusa's head.

3. Hero who answered the riddle of the sphinx.

4. The man with the golden touch.

5. Hero who found the Golden Fleece.

9. The strongest Greek hero.

12. Son of Daedalus. His wings burned when he flew too close to the sun.


5. The most beautiful woman. She had a face that launched a thousand ships.

6. The queen who eventually become the 'M' or 'W' constellation in the night sky.

8. The wife of Hector.

9. A skilled weaver who angered Athena by bragging about her skill.

10. The woman who married Jason but then killed their children as revenge when Jason fell in love with another woman.

11. The woman who Zeus turned into a white cow to hide from Hera.

12. The pretty Greek maiden who was tricked by Zeus when he changed into a swan.


1. The beautiful Greek woman who married Eros the god of love.

2. The queen of Thebes and the mother of Oedipus.

3. The curious woman who opened the jar that let evil into the world.

4. The woman who taught Theseus how to escape from the labyrinth by marking his way with string.

5. The queen of the amazons.

6. A princess who could see the future, but was never believed by anybody.

7. The woman who agreed to sacrifice her own life to save her husband (but was later rescued from Hades by Heracles).

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