Hazelwood V Kuhlmeier (1988) Roe V wade (1973)

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Hazelwood v Kuhlmeier (1988)

Roe V Wade (1973)

McDonald v Chicago (2010)

Engel v Vitale (1963)

Tinker v DesMoine School District (1969)

Schenck v United States ( 1919)

Reynolds v United States (1879)

Lemon v Kurtzman (1971)

Supreme Court Case

Movie project

In this project you will create a movie poster & presentation for a famous Supreme Court Case. The poster/presentation will be graded according to the accuracy of facts you report and artistic value of the poster. I will supply construction paper however it is suggested that you get poster board.

The poster should include:

Movie Title(Constitutional Connection)

Cast(opposing sides of the case)

Catch Phrase(snap shot of what the case is about)

Release Date(Date of the Case)


In addition you will need to create a presentation explaining the information surrounding the case.

The Presentation should include:

How the case got to the Supreme Court?

What Constitutional bases does the case have?

What terms are relevant to the case?

What the decision of the case was(majority and dissenting opinions)?

What precedent was set by the case?

What (if any) more modern cases have changed the precedent set by this


Your opinion of the case and it’s out come.

Your team will present your poster and information to the class in a format that they can take notes on. Your presentation will also be the final part of your grade.

EXTRA CREDIT. If you create a 30 sec trailer to go with your poster it will be worth up to 15 pts extra credit. The trailer must be performed/viewed in the class.

The poster and essay will be a test grade(See grade scale for details)

Possible Cases:

Marbury v Madison

Lawrence v Texas(2003)

Miranda v Arizona (1966)

Gideon v Wainwright (1963)

Gregg v Georgia (1976)

Mapp v Ohio (1961)

New Jersey v T.L.O. (1985)


Assigned Case:____________________________



Date of case:______________________________

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