Hawaii Dolphin Swim Information

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Some people you may wish to connect with:
Joan Ocean – pioneer of the human/dolphin swim encounter experience. She conducts group workshops throughout the year, may be available for a one-day boat charter experience ($700 for 1-5 people). She also has rooms available to rent in her house for $50/night per person. For reservations call (808) 328-9297. Her website is http://joanocean.com
Trish Regan and Doug Hackett, Assistants to Joan--they took over her dolphin swim trips for beginners, and have their own array of seminars they teach, focusing on Essential Joy and Sacred Relationships. Trish also does wonderful soul readings and channels messages from the Ascended Masters, the dolphins and the whales. (808) 874-8555
Zoë Schoemaker is a dear friend and dolphin sister who has the biggest heart. Zoë’s native home is The Netherlands, and she lives in Hawaii half-time, from November through June. Zoë loves creating magical experiences for visitors to the Big Island, both in the water with the dolphins, and on the sacred land. dolphinlove_rs@hotmail.com.
Celeste 808-323-2568 Mobile: 808-896-3132 www.celestialsonics.com. Celeste is a dolphin sister. She’s available as a swim guide for wild dolphin encounters. Celeste also leads groups to swim with the Humpback Whales in the Tonga. csonicangel.dol@verizon.net.
Sheoli Makara (808) 328-2082 www.AwakeningInParadise.com

I don’t know Sheoli well, but we keep bumping into each other when I’m there, and she’s usually with small groups serving as their guide. I enjoy her energy, and I think she does a good job getting people acclimated to the dolphin swim encounter.

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