Hatchet: New Acquaintances

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Hatchet: New Acquaintances

Bear Grylls

Brian’s experience in the wilderness would have been significantly different if he had met Bear Grylls before the plane crash. Bear Grylls is an expert in surviving in the wilderness, so he would have been able to teach Brian many important survival skills. When Brian was first stranded in the woods, he did not know what to do. For example, in Chapters 6-7, Brian finds berries to eat. Instead of taking his time, he eats many of them and once, and it makes him very sick. Had he met Bear Grylls, he would have known what types of berries were safe to eat and how to space out eating his food. Bear would also be able to teach him how to make fire and remain safe from wildlife, which would also have been helpful. Brian would have not had to spend so much time figuring out how to start a fire. He also may have been able to avoid being hurt by both the skunk (through spraying) and porcupine (sticking with its quills.)

There is another way to look at this potential encounter as well. If Brian had met Bear after the rescue, he would have taught Bear many things. Bear would have been able to use some of Brian’s strategies in his future adventures. In addition, Brian may be able to be a part of Bear’s seminars and classes, which would improve Brian’s self-confidence.


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