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Jyränki, Antero (1994). According to Jyränki, the more democratic a law-making procedure is, the easier the delegation is approved of and the longer the distance to political institutions, the weaker political supervision becomes. Jyränki, Antero (1994), pp. 142-143. According to Jyränki, the principle of democracy can also be regarded as meaning that the legislative power can only be exercised by a parliament. Jyränki, Antero (1994), p. 140.

148 Lastra, Rosa Maria (1992), p. 482.

149 The topic has been discussed by a number of scholars. The nine (most comprehensive) alternatives following in the main text are introduced by Scheinin in Scheinin, Martin (1998), pp. 28-33. Another theory is introduced by Majone according to whom independent organs can be placed under democratic accountability through different control mechanisms. Majone names clear objectives and procedural requirements, judicial review to protect the rights of individuals, expertise to guarantee the technical quality of decisions, transparency and the participation of the public to guarantee the organs responsivity in relation to it.

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