Harry truman’s presidency and the cold war

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Gen. Douglas MacArthur, as UN commander who took his orders from Washington
            -- Truman orders US troops into Korean fighting; 4/5 of UN troops
        6. By August 1950, North Korea captured virtually all of S. Korea -- North Korea had superior military aid from Soviet Union.
        7. MacArthur directs surprise amphibious landing at Inchon behind Korean lines.
            a. Within two weeks, UN forces recapture nearly all of S. Korea as North Koreans retreat behind 38th parallel.
            b. Although original objectives are complete, MacArthur orders UN forces to cross 38th parallel with support of Truman and UN. -- North Korean forces driven back near Chinese border.
            c. UN calls for the establishment of a unified, independent, and democratic Korea.
        8. November 1950, 300 thousand Chinese soldiers pour across Yalu River into N. Korea and force UN troops to retreat with heavy losses across 38th parallel. -- Truman and others horrified that Korea might be completely lost
        9. Truman fires MacArthur
            a. Truman seeks

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