Harry truman’s presidency and the cold war

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       4. Atomic Energy Commission created in 1946 -- established civilian control over nuclear development and gave president sole authority over the use of atomic weapons in warfare.
    F. Berlin Airlift (1948-49)
        1. Berlin, deep inside E. Germany, was cut off from the west by Soviet forces in 1948.
            a. Russian response to the creation of the Federal Republic of German (West Germany)
            b. US, French, & British zones in Berlin became an "island" inside E. Germany
                i. Soviets also shut off electric power
                ii. 2 million W. Berliners became hostages’
                iii. Berlin became a symbolic issue for both sides.
        2. US organized massive airlift for nearly a year; 277,000 flights, 2 million tons of supplies.
        3. Many thought World War III was inevitable
        4. Soviets lifted blockade in May 1949.

VI. The Cold War during Truman’s second term under

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