Harry truman’s presidency and the cold war

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Baby Boom
        1. In the 1950s, population grew by over 28 million; 97% in urban and suburban areas.
        2. Between 1946 and 1961, 63.5 million babies were born
            -- Between 1931 and 1946, only 41.5 million born
        3. Proportional growth in population unprecedented in American history
    C. Economic boom: 1950-1970 -- "The Affluent Society"
        1. National income nearly doubled in 1950s; almost doubled again in 1960s.
            a. Americans enjoyed about 40% of world’s wealth despite accounting for only 6% of population.
            b. By mid-1950s, 60% of Americans owned their own homes compared with only 40% in the 1920s.
            c. Majority of postwar jobs went to women in urban offices and shops.
                i. By 1990s, women would account for about half of total workers.
                ii. Clash between demands of suburban domesticity and realities
                    of employment sparked the feminist revolt in the 1960s.
            d. Economy largely fueled by the growth of the defense industry.
                -- Accounted for over 50% of the national budget by 1960.
            e. Cheap energy and increased supply of power facilitated growth.
            f.. Rising productivity (due to increases in education and technology) increased the average Americans standard of living two-fold.

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