Harry truman’s presidency and the cold war

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John Birch Society, an ultra-conservative nationalist group, emerged in late 1950s.

e. Aggressive rooting out of suspected communists still existed.

8. Arthur Miller’s The Crucible: popular play in 1950s that used the Salem Witch Trials as a metaphor for McCarthyism.

IX. Election of 1948 -- Truman defeats Dewey in a stunning upset (303-189)
    A. Democrats were split into three camps: Truman, southern States' Rights Party led by Strom Thurmond of S.C., and the new Progressive party who nominated Henry Wallace.
    B. Thomas Dewey was nominated by the Republicans; Earl Warren v.p. nominee -- Platform included anti-"big-labor" plank and reduction of New Deal policies.
    C. Truman called for housing, full employment, and higher minimum wage, better farm supports, new TVAs and extension of Social Security and more civil rights for African Americans.
    D. Truman's victory came with support from farmers, workers, and blacks who felt threatened by the Republicans.
    E. Democrats established clear majority in both houses of Congress

X. The

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