Harry truman’s presidency and the cold war

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Loyalty Review Board investigated more than 3 million federal employees -- About 3,000 resigned or were dismissed without formal indictment, 212 fired
        3. Loyalty oaths were increasingly demanded of employees, esp. teachers
        4. Many felt civil liberties were being suppressed.
        5. Gov’t employees forbidden to:
            a. Criticize US foreign policy
            b. Advocate equal rights for women
            c. Own books on socialism
            d. Attend foreign films
    E. McCarran Internal Security Bill (1950)
        1. Required communist-front organizations to register with the attorney general and prevented their members from defense work and travel abroad.
        2. Truman vetoed this bill which authorized the President to arrest and detain suspicious persons during an "internal security emergency".
            a. Many felt this bill was a step towards a police state.
            b. Congress passed it anyway
    F. The

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