Harry truman’s presidency and the cold war

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"right to work" laws outlawing the "union-shop."
    B. Civil Rights: gains for African Americans
        1. 1946, Truman created the President’s committee on Civil Rights -- In 1947, committee published To Secure These Rights, calling for desegregation in American society, anti-lynching legislation and an end to poll taxes.
        2. 1948, president banned racial discrimination in federal government hiring practices and ordered desegregation of the armed forces; blacks integrated in 1953 -- Jackie Robinson first African American in Major League Baseball in 1947
    C. Presidential Succession Act of 1947
        1. Created as a contingency for nuclear war
        2. After the vice-president, the Speaker of the House, president pro tempore (Senate) and secretary of state the next in line for succession.
    D. 22nd Amendment (1951)
        1. Limited president to two terms; or a maximum of 10 years if he, as vice president, assumed the presidency due to the death or departure of a previous president
        2. Largely a conservative move in the face of over 17 years of continuous Democratic rule in the White House (FDR and Truman)
            -- FDR had been elected to four terms and many saw this as an opportunity for the executive branch to consolidate excessive power.

VIII. Anti-Communist Crusade --

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