Happy Chinese New Year! Chinese and Asian Law Resources

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese and Asian Law Resources

D'Angelo Law Library

University of Chicago Law School

February 2007

People's Republic of China

Research Contacts

Lyonette Louis-Jacques

Foreign and International Law Librarian

D'Angelo Law Library



Lorna Y. Tang

Associate Law Librarian for Technical Services

D'Angelo Law Library



Bill Alspaugh

Chinese Studies Librarian

Regenstein Library



East Asian Collection & Library Staff (University of Chicago, Regenstein Library)


The Center for East Asian Studies (University of Chicago)

East Asian Law Department (University of Washington School of Law, Gallagher Law Library)

The Chinalaw List (formerly the Chinese Law Net e-mail list - an electronic discussion group to subscribe to to talk about Chinese law and legal research)(see also Walter Hutchen's Chinese securities law blog at http://www.walterhutchens.net/blog/ ))


Welcome to Chinalaw, an electronic discussion group devoted to issues of modern Chinese law. While it is intended that the law of the People's Republic of China will be the main focus, postings relating to other Chinese jurisdictions or to Chinese legal history are also welcome. All persons with an interest in Chinese law are welcome to subscribe. Current subscribers — numbering 934 as of October 8, 2004 — include business people, law professors, lawyers, and students from many countries.

Legal News Sources & Journal Commentary

BBC Summary of World Broadcasts and Monitoring Reports (in the Asia-Pacific Library, BBCSWB file on LexisNexis)(includes selected Chinese laws in English translation)
Chinese Journal of International Law


China Law and Governance Review

China Law and Practice

China Law Blog (China Law for Business)

China Law Digest

Chinese Law Prof Blog


(includes links to news, discussion fora, research guides, conferences, etc.)

China Law Reporter

China Legal Developments Bulletin / Asia Pacific Legal Developments Bulletin

Chinese Law and Government

Columbia Journal of Asian Law (formerly the Journal of Chinese Law)



Judicial News (in English via ChinaCourt from the Supreme People's Court of PRC)

Legal Daily Online (in Chinese; up-to-date legal developments in China)


(other news sources at http://www.law.yale.edu/library/research/china.html#ns)

World News Connection (includes selected Chinese laws in English translation; e-version of the FBIS Daily Report China, entire set on microfiche and 1975-1996 FBIS Index)

Zeitschrift für Chinesisches Recht / Newsletter der Deutsch-Chinesischen Juristenvereinigung e.V.


Research Guides

Wei Luo, Chinese Law and Legal Research (Buffalo, NY: W.S. Hein, 2005)

D'Angelo Law Library, Reserve Reading Room XXKNQ47.L86 2005
Thomas H. Reynolds & Arturo A. Flores, Foreign Law: Current Sources of Codes and Basic Legislation in Jurisdictions of the World (113-page China section updated 12/2004)

XXK38.R490 1989 D'Angelo Law Library, Reference

http://www.foreignlawguide.com/ (subscription required)
China (links to legal research resources via the AsianLegal Information Institute)

Chinese Legal Research at the University of Washington (William B. McCloy, 2006)

Internet Chinese Legal Research Center (Wei Luo)


(covers Mainland China (the People's Republic of China or PRC), Taiwan (the Republic of China), and Hong Kong)

Finding Chinese Law on the Internet (Joan Liu, 2005)

Web-Based Research Guides on PRC Legal & Business Resources (prepared by Kara Phillips; located at the American Bar Association Section of International Law's China Committee page; includes bibliography of books and articles)(2006)

Legal System (of the PRC; from the Chinese Ministry of Justice)

Selected Other Research Guides
Beyond the Border: The Chinese Legal Information System in Cyberspace (Joan Liu, 2001)

A Complete Research Guide to the Laws of the People's Republic of China (Wei Luo & Joan Liu, 2003)

Zhai Jianxiong, Judicial Information of the People's Republic of China: A Survey (2002)

Guide to Law Online: China (Law Library of Congress)

Internet Guide for Chinese Studies: Law (University of Heidelberg)

China Law Web-Based Resources (Yale Law Library)


(covers Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan)

People's Republic of China (Washburn University Law School)

Joan Liu & Yu Liying, Roaming the Virtual Law Library: A Guide to Online Sources (Law Press China: Beijing, 2004)  

Nongji Zhang, "Electronic Resources on the Law of the People's Republic of China" (as part of program F-6, A Current Appraisal of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Legal Research, 2004 Annual Meeting of the American Association Association of Law Libraries (AALL), Boston, Massachusetts)

Wei Luo, "How to Find the Law of the People's Republic of China: A Research Guide and Selective Annotated Bibliography," 88 Law Library Journal 402-426 (1996)



CHINALAWINFO Selected PRC Laws, 1949-2005 (database on LexisNexis containing selected PRC cases and legislation in English translation - not up-to-date; the Peking University LawInfoChina database is more up-to-date)

Filename: PRCLEG

iSinoLaw (subscription database including English translations of Chinese legislation)


Statutes & Codes

CHINALAWINFO Selected PRC Laws, 1949-2005 (LexisNexis; English translations)

Filename: PRCLEG

Laws of the People's Republic of China (Asian Legal Information Institute (AsiaLII))

This database contains selected Chinese legislation and related

documents that have been translated into English. It includes:

laws, regulations, pronouncements, resolutions, notices, measures,

rules, decisions, decrees, principles, provisions, announcements,

procedures, official replies and circulars (in interim, current

and/or planned versions).

The data is from a number of publically accessible sources

including the government websites - ChinaLaw (Information Centre

for Legislative Affairs Office of the PRC State Council) and

ChinaCourt (Supreme Peoples' Court). Many thanks to these

organisations for providing this information. Other data will be

added as it becomes available. All translations are unofficial.

Ministry of Justice of the PRC (includes new laws and legislative developments and information about the Chinese legal system in English)

Supreme People's Court of the PRC (includes links to English-language court news and legal information, and selected PRC laws and regulations in English translation)

BBC Summary of World Broadcasts and Monitoring Reports (in the Asia-Pacific Library, BBCSWB file on LexisNexis)(includes selected Chinese laws in English translation)
World News Connection (includes selected Chinese laws in English translation; e-version of the FBIS Daily Report China available on microfiche at Regenstein Library at microfcDS 23; see also the Electronic Index to the 1975-1996 FBIS Daily Report China)

The Laws of the People's Republic of China (Beijing: Foreign Languages Press, 1987- )

(available from DePaul, John Marshall, Loyola, UIC - request via CLAS/ILL)

Laws and Regulations of the People's Republic of China (Beijing: China Legal Pub. House, 2001- )(available via ILL)(16v. looseleaf including "English translations and Chinese text of all commercial and public legislation at the national level" of interest to business: v. 1. Contents -- v. 2. Constitutional law -- v. 3. Civil and commercial law -- v. 4-5. Administrative law -- v. 6-13. Economic law -- v. 14. Social law -- v. 15. Criminal law -- v. 16. Litigation procedures and non-litigation procedures)
Doing Business in China: People's Republic of China (Freshfields ed.)(in LexisNexis database; includes selected statutes)

XXKNQ920.D652 D'Angelo Law Library

China Laws for Foreign Business =[Zhongguo dui wai jing ji fa gui hui bian] (CCH Australia)

KNQ920 C47 John Marshall Law Library

(request via CLAS/ILL)
Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC), Selected PRC Legal Provisions

China Law Series (W.S. Hein; includes English translations of the criminal code, criminal procedure code, and contract law of the People's Republic of China)

Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo Fagui Huibian = Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo fa gui hui bian

XXKNQ12.C3 Regenstein, East Asian/CJK

Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo Falü Huibian = Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo fa lü hui bian

XXKNQ12.C32 Regenstein, East Asian/CJK

Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo she wai fa gui hui bian, 1991-1992 / Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo guo wu yuan fa zhi ju bian = Laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China governing foreign-related matters / compiled by the Bureau of Legislative Affairs of the State Council of the People's Republic of China.


XXKNQ3405 .A28 1994 Regenstein, East Asian/CJK


China Law Reports

XXKNQ19.A35C45 D'Angelo Law Library

(published 1991-1994)
Ren min fa yuan an li xuan

(compilation of select Supreme People's Court cases; also includes selected cases from people's courts of all levels and from all parts of China)

XXKNQ19.A3 Regenstein, East Asian/CJK

(incomplete holdings)

Zhonghua renmin gongheguo zuigao renmin fayuan gongbao (gazette of the Supreme People's Court of the PRC)
XKNQ18.C48 Regenstein, East Asian/CJK
Asian Law Resources

Asian Legal Information Institute (AsianLII; database launched December 2006 that includes 104 databases of legal research resources for 26 Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand)


Information about the AsianLII:

Asian Legal Sources (Georgetown University Law Library)


(covers China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea)

China, Japan, Korea (New York University Law Library)


Asian Law Centre (University of Melbourne, Australia)(includes Asian Law Online bibliographic database)


Journal of Asian Law (Columbia University)



Asian Journal of Comparative Law


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