Hante Maine 2016 Description and Tentative Itinerary

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Hante Maine 2016 Description and

Tentative Itinerary

Come with us as we go north to Maine, and land of old rustic beauty. After meeting the group in Portland Maine, you will head north to begin 4 days of sea kayaking along the beautiful rocky coastline. Spend each day exploring the bays and gulfs of the Atlantic, while making new camps each night and falling asleep to the crashing of ocean waves on the stony shores. After your days of sea travel, move inland to the Appalachian Trail as it rises and falls through the northern spine of the Appalachian Mountains. Spend 10 days trekking your way north once again past serene lakes and lonely valleys, on the lookout for the enormous moose. At the conclusion of your trek, you will head back to the coast to Acadia National Park, where you can enjoy 2 days climbing amazing seaside cliffs with the friends you’ve made over the past 2.5 weeks - a perfect way to cap an amazing adventure.

July 26 – Meet Group at Portland Jetport in Portland, Maine.

July 27-30 – Sea kayak with Maine Kayak Guides along the coast
July 1 – Resupply and preparation for backpacking.
July 2-6 – Hike the Appalachian Trail through the Hundred-Mile Wilderness
July 6 – Resupply Food Day
July 6-10 – Second half of Trek through Hundred-Mile Wilderness
July 11 – Head to Acadia National Park
July 12-13 – Climb in Acadia National Park
July 14 – Return to Portland for the night and final dinner
July 15 – Depart from Portland Jetport

Download 3.55 Kb.

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