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This is not selection. It is computerized form for provisional registration for Haj 2010. Haj Committee of India after obtaining details about total number of application received by the State Haj Committee shall decide about holding Qurrah (Lottery),if necessary. The computerized Qurrah shall be held by the State Haj Committee on date fixed by the Haj Committee of India, Mumbai.



The seats are allotted to the State proportionate to the Muslim Population based on the last Census of 2001. If any State Haj Committee receives less applications, remaining seats surrendered in favour of Haj Committee of India would be utilized for confirmation of seats of the other States, where the applications have been received in excess of the Quota.








Out of the total seats allotted to the State Haj Committees, the applications of those Pilgrims, who have been rejected continuously for last three (3) years will be give confirmed status, without holding Qurrah (draw of lots), during Haj 1431 (H) – 2010. This confirmation without Qurrah will be applicable to only those States where Qurrah was conducted in the year 2007-2009. If the number of applications received in Reserved Category by the State/Union Territory Haj Committee is less than final quota till the closing date, the balance seats will be made available for the General Category Pilgrims and the State/Union Territory Haj Committees shall hold Qurrah of such seats on the date fixed by the Haj Committee of India. However, if the numbers of rejected applications are more than the Quota allotted to a particular State/Union Territory, in that case State/ Union Territory Haj Committee shall hold Qurrah for rejected Pilgrims only, on the fixed date by the Haj Committee of India, and no fresh applications register under General Category can be entertained.





Confirmation of success in Qurrah (Lottery) system shall be communicated to the intending Pilgrims by the respective State Haj Committees after getting them confirmed status from Haj Committee of India, Mumbai. Thereafter selected Pilgrims will have to fill-up the Haj Application Form and to be submitted to State Haj Committee on or before the date fixed by the Haj Committee of India, Mumbai. The confirmation will be done against district wise quota.




At the time of submission of regular Haj Application intending Pilgrim should deposit 30% amount of Foreign Exchange, Air fare & other charges and also send their original International Passport to State Haj Committee. The remaining 70% amount of Foreign Exchange, Air fare and other charges be paid upto 31st August, 2010.



The Saudi Arabia Government has intimated that Haj Visa will be endorsed on International Passport only. Thus intending Pilgrims must posses International passport and photo copy of Passport should be attached with Application Form. Those who presently do not have International passport can also apply but they should try to get International Passport as early as possible.


For any further enquiry:
Phone : 022 – 22612989 (6 Lines),
Fax : 022 - 22620 920

Chief Executive Officer
Haj Committee of India,
Haj House,
7 – A, M. R. A. Marg (Palton Road),

Mumbai – 400 001

Link- http://hajcommittee.com/
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