Gun Control: Future Hangs on Misunderstood Majority of Gun Owners

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“Gun Control: Future Hangs on Misunderstood Majority of Gun Owners”, by Patrik Jonsson

  1. Then, read the article as assigned section by section. As you do, underline claims, bracket evidence, and put parentheses around warrants.

Claim: opinionated, debatable statement

Warrant: accepted truth by most people that supports and/or leads to a claim. Ex: Too many people die in accidents as the result of drinking and driving (warrant). Therefore, we need to suspend the licenses of anyone arrested for a DUI for five years (claim).
Also, for each page, write at least two questions or comments in the margins as you read. Though you do not have to mark every sentence, I do expect you to mark up the entire article.

  1. Finally, after you have marked the article, answer the following questions regarding the article. Do this on your own paper.

    1. What is the author’s purpose for writing this article and how do you know that?

    2. Mr. Brinley supports his right to gun ownership; however, he is “at odds” with the National Rifle’s Association’s (NRA) stated positions. Explain what he is “at odds” with.

    3. Explain what you think the author means by “an emergent breed of centrist” when it comes to gun control?

    4. According to the article, more people are turning to gun ownership for reasons besides self-defense or hunting. What are they? Give two.

    5. How does race complicate things in the gun control debate (according to the article)?

    6. How many NRA members support more comprehensive background checks, according to a poll by Frank Luntz?

    7. How does Melvin Clark’s pragmatism explain a “key paradox in today’s gun debate”?

    8. What did Obama promise gun owners in a campaign stop in 2008?

    9. According to a Washington Post/ABS News poll, how many Republicans support gun show background checks, background checks to purchase ammunition, and bans on high-capacity magazines, respectively?

    10. How many of those same people polled oppose Obama’s same proposals? What is the conclusion in this contradiction and what does it tell us?

    11. Write a few sentences summing up your personal conclusions after reading this article.

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